Your Winter Travel Guide to New York City

Therefore, you are ready for a tour. Permit us to ask you some questions. Where are you from? Is it your first time travel to NYC? Are you visiting the city with your family? Whatever your answer is, you’re welcome.

Right now, the New York City is on the hiss. Winter is coming. Santa Claus is on the way. Moreover, the New Year approaches. You will the season preparations everywhere. It is a good time for anyone to visit the city. Your timing is right. You are about to read a complete NYC travel guide. This guide covers your winter travel guide to the New York City.

What to Do When Visiting New York City This Winter

When you are already in NYC, you will wonder what to do in the city… If you are traveling with your family, it is strongly advisable to rent a car. A huge selection of rental vehicle is provided by Enterprise in New York. Just visit 83 34 23rd Ave East Elmhurst, NY 11370-1659 US to find the perfect car for your vacation either with your family, or with your friends.

After you get your car, you are ready to explore this amazing city.

1. You can go ice-skating

Chill out. It’s winter. You can go ice-skating. It’s a good thing to experience when you’re in New York City. You can get ticket prices on hours at any ice-skating rinks. Now, you need to know the best ice-skating rinks. The three listed are the best:

  • Central Park
  • Brooklyn and Queens
  • Manhattan

2. Visit Museums

New York is big. In addition, there are so many museums to visit. The Museum of Modern Art is the best museum you can visit this winter in New York City. The museum is like no other. It’s fascinating –six floors, over 150000 pieces of art, best arrays, shinning lights, dazzling building. You’ll love it.

3. Rockefeller Tree

Have you ever heard of Rockefeller tree? Much is said about the tree. You must see a tree on your visit this winter. Yes, I know that you saw it in a picture. However, you cannot be flogged if you do not see it live. Visit the Rockefeller center. Check how dazzling the tree is, with over 45000 LED Lights housed on it.

4. Visit the Top of the Rock

Hey! There is a secret. Few visitors know it. You can view the entire NYC once. Just visit the top of the rock. It is located at Rockefeller Center.

5. Catch a Movie

I love movies; especially Horror. If you’re like me, you should catch a play. It’s your visit at New York City; get the watching experience before you leave. Buy tickets. You can get tickets at Times Square. Ensure you buy the tickets from an authorized vendor.

6. Get Some Dinner

It’s cold. Warm your throat. Heat yourself up. Get some hot food. Experience the New York kitchen’s flavor. There are many options. You can visit any of the iconic restaurants you can find. But, the Carmine is like no other. It’s an Italian restaurant. Just get a dinner at Carmine.

This guide is helpful. It shows six fascinating things you can do on your visit in NYC. In addition, it suggests six fascinating places you can visit.

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