Why You Need a Fluoride Specialist

Using fluoride to strengthen your teeth is a great move. You should visit a South Elgin, IL dentist who offers professional fluoride treatments if you want to know whether you have a fluoride deficiency.

Your teeth’s enamel includes many minerals, for example, calcium and phosphorus. Your teeth are also being demineralized and remineralized every day as a result of eating, drinking, and washing your teeth.

Fluoride is a natural element found all over the world. As it pertains to dentistry, it can help replace lost minerals in the enamel of the tooth through a process of remineralization.

If you don’t get enough fluoride, your teeth become weak and prone to decay. A fluoride specialist can really help you with that.

The following are valid reasons to visit a fluoride specialist:

Prevent Tooth Decay

Your teeth are the most credible source of whether you have a fluoride deficiency or not. If you find your teeth getting discolored or decaying, chances are you need more fluoride in your mouth.

Studies show that those people who regularly consumed fluoride or used toothpaste with fluoride have up to 40% less tooth decay than those who did not. That also includes using fluoride gels, rinsing with fluoride, or using fluoride varnish.

A fluoride specialist can recommend alternative ways of getting the daily dose of fluoride that you need. You should always give the fluoride enough time to get absorbed into your enamel.

Dietary Advice

As stated above, fluoride is a compound that occurs naturally all over the planet. It is included in many foods that are part of our diet. On the other hand, there are certain foods and liquids that prevent our bodies from absorbing fluoride.

Therefore, if you want to know which foods to eat and which ones to avoid as it pertains to your fluoride intake, you could definitely use the help of a fluoride specialist.

They may also recommend dietary supplements that can help you achieve the necessary amount of fluoride needed for great oral health.

If Your Water Source Has No Fluoride

Many people use public water sources, particularly those of their local municipality. Many municipalities include fluoride as part of their water treatment plan.

Some people also get their water from private sources, such as a private well. If you don’t know whether your water source has enough fluoride in it, you can consult a fluoride specialist.

They can then tell you how you can safely add fluoride to your water for better dental health. Too much fluoride is just as dangerous as too little.

Dental Products Recommendation

Almost all toothpastes include fluoride as part of their ingredients. However, it is sometimes difficult to know which products are best suited for your dental care.

If you want to use dental products with the right amount of fluoride to guarantee healthy teeth, the help of a fluoride specialist will be very useful. They will know exactly which dental products have enough fluoride to ensure your mouth remains healthy.

Some products may be safe for children while some will have low absorption rates so it helps to have expert advice.

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