Why Pre-Employment Drug Testing is Essential

Workers have the right to a safe working environment. Likewise, employers need employees that are productive to meet the company’s goals. For this reason, most job recruitment requirements emphasize drug testing to determine whether an individual is physically and mentally fit to carry out their duties. Testing can involve the analysis of urine, saliva, blood, or hair to test for illegal substances. In Humble, drug testing is available at Calvary Urgent Care. They are happy to provide drug testing because they believe that the pre-employment drug test has various benefits.

Benefits of pre-employment drug testing

Job recruitments that emphasize drug testing reduce the chances of potential problems, for a start. Tests conducted on applicants from the get-go can reduce the number of candidates who apply with preexisting alcohol or drug problems. Other benefits include:

Increased productivity

People that use too much alcohol or have a substance abuse issue tend to be less productive at work. Increased cases of truancy cause employees to be less productive. Studies suggest that employees with a drug problem are more likely to request early dismissal and file for workers’ compensation claims in the event of accidents. Drug testing becomes a mandatory requirement that can prepare the employer for any eventuality.

Employees looking to deal with handling safety-sensitive transportation such as buses, trains, planes, and cabs have increased chances of landing jobs once they pass their pre-employment drug testing exams. That way, the employer can prevent potentially life-threatening instances.

Makes one eligible for government funding

According to the Drug-free Workplace Act, any employer looking to get government funding to maintain a drug-free work environment must test employees for drugs before hiring them. That way, they can watch out for their employees’ wellbeing and meet their companies’ goals.

Protects the company against workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits

The integrity of your business can only stay put when employees execute their duties to meet your goals. But when an accident occurs due to drug use, your company may be held liable for failing to provide a safe working environment. When this happens, the worker may claim workers’ compensation for medical bills to cover lost wages. But if you, as the employer, can prove that the employee has a drug problem, you may be able to be exempt from providing those benefits.

Those with drug problems can get treatment

When potential employees realize how strict the pre-employment drug testing is, they will go for treatment to increase their landing chances. Employers can take this opportunity to get help for existing employees.  Current employees struggling with this problem can also benefit from the resources to help them cope.

Drug testing favors potential candidates looking for jobs

When you are on a job-hunting mission, it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all the requirements to increase your chances of landing the job. If your potential employer insists on mandatory drug testing, then you will need to go for it. Visit your doctor today to learn more about drug testing and how to prepare for one in the future.

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