Why Chicago Center for Women’s Health Stands Out From The Rest

Women have many health needs that are entirely different from men, from menstrual health problems to fertility and pregnancy issues. Chicago Center for Women’s Health serves women of all ages with all their health issues from adolescence to menopause. It has its location in Bedford Park, Oak Lawn, and in Naperville, IL. Denise Furlong, MD is committed to offering women with medical care information and guidance they require throughout their life stages. The Naperville prolapse specialists offer advanced treatment procedures to treat prolapse in women throughout Chicago, IL areas. The facility is fully equipped with modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment all in one location to ensure the patients get the personalized care they need as fast as possible.

Dr. Denise Furlong is a highly trained physician among the few surgeons board-certified for both obstetrics-gynecologist and female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. She is welcoming and friendly to all her patients, providing them with specialized care and treatment for their health needs. The health facility is committed to filling the gap in the provision of women’s health needs. They focus on providing a safe and comfortable environment to make women feel loved, happier, and live healthy lives. Their medical staff are well trained and experienced in performing pelvic invasive surgery procedures and offering effective treatment plans to their patients.

They strive to provide their patients with excellent experiences by providing comfortable and accommodating facilities. They have a patient portal where patients can access their health records and even make payments. They accept most insurance providers for your convenience. Chicago Center for Women’s Health address concerns such as:

Irregular bleeding

Many factors can lead to irregular bleeding, but some causes can be severe. At Chicago Center for Women’s Health, Dr. Furlong offers many diagnostic and treatment procedures for irregular bleeding. Visit their offices in Chicago or book an appointment online to schedule consultation.

Pelvic pain

Organs in the pelvic area, e.g., uterus, ovaries, and cervix, may cause pelvic pain. Dr. Furlong at Chicago Center for Women’s Health offers specialized treatment for pelvic pain and its causes in providing long-term pain relief solutions.

Urinary incontinence

Living with this condition can be embarrassing and stressful. Thankfully, it has practical and proven treatment. At Chicago Center for Women’s Health, Dr. Furlong provides effective diagnostic and treatment plans to treat urinary incontinence using specialized equipment and methods. Visit their offices or call them today to learn more about their treatment procedures.


Prolapse causes a painful condition that requires surgery for treatment. Dr. Furlong is a prolapse specialist at the Chicago Center for Women’s Health, offering advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures to cure the condition and prevent it from coming back. Visit their offices today to learn more about this treatment procedure.

Women’s health issues can be painful, and most of them require specialized care. Some of the conditions cause a lack of confidence and low self-esteem in women, affecting their quality of life. Chicago Center for Women’s Health empowers women by providing solutions to their health needs, hence regaining their confidence. Dr. Denise Furlong is a highly knowledgeable and qualified practitioner committed to offering advanced medical solutions to women of all ages in Chicago. Do not continue to suffer in silence; visit Chicago Center for Women’s Health today or book an appointment online to get help from the women’s health specialists.

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