Why Charity is an important part of everyone’s lives?

Why charity is necessary? And in what manner does it constitutes an important part of our lives of the giver as well as the receiver? The charity can influence as well as impact the lives of many in a profound manner. That’s why as truly said by Thomas Fuller who was an English churchman and historian, now remembered for his writings, particularly his Worthies of England, published in 1662, after his death. He was a prolific author, and one of the first English writers able to live by his pen.

“Charity begins at home, but should not end there”, Heeding upon these words of Thomas Fuller and the points giving below one should consider giving charity every now and then as it makes up for very important part of the lives of everyone.

Charity wakes up realization:

Many times when failures and rivals pull us down, we are forced to think that what we are and what we are doing is just mediocre and not up to to the mark. The inferiority complex starts to eat up from inside and it makes one feel hollow and useless. At times it grows to such extent that we start to question our existence that who we are and why we do even exist. Many people have reportedly said that they, after donating or doing some charity work felt that they have been here on this earth for some great purpose. This realization gave them a sense of purpose and an immediate boost to their self-esteem as well as their products and enliven them from within

Charity helps beat stress:

We all know that stress is a silent killer and more than three fourth of the world is suffering at hands of stress every day and every minute. According to a study it was found that the people who give Charity reported them as feeling less stressed and anxious, and at much ease in contrast to those who didn’t. So in order to beat the stress as well as raising issues such as hunger and poverty. The charity can be instrumental in alleviating both.

Charity improves the lifestyle:

For those who are daily tackling issues such as hunger and malnutrition in the unhygienic and deplorable environment. Charity, by all means, provides for them a better lifestyle by availing them better sanitation, nutritious food and proper clothing. For them, it is a huge upgrade who are living them on street and eating stalling and unhygienic food on daily basis. Some organizations indeed provide for special initiatives such as WE Charity which was founded by Craig Kielburger along with his brother Marc Kielburger, which provides a holistic development model called WE Villages, helping to lift more than one million people out of poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America and help them by providing opportunities to develop socially as well as economically.

Charity opens doors of opportunity:

Charity is indeed a blessing as it opens the door to many who gives as well as who receives. There can be found multiple benefits to those who give, while to the person who receives gets many opportunities to grow and develop themselves as a healthy citizen and contribute to the development of their family as well their the development of the nation.

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