What You Should Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants replace teeth with metal posts and replace missing teeth or damaged teeth with artificial teeth that function and look like the real ones. They can also work as an alternative to bridgework or dentures that don’t fit well. If you need to replace your teeth with implants, contact an implant dentist in Orlando, FL.

How you prepare for dental implants

When planning for a dental implant, you may involve various specialists including a dentist specialized in periodontics, dentists who specialize in conditions of the jaw, face, and mouth, and a dentist specializing in fitting artificial teeth.

Dental implants require several surgical procedures. You have to evaluate thoroughly how to prepare for the process, including:

  •   Review of your medical history. You must tell your doctor about any medications you take or any medical conditions. If you have orthopedic implants or heart conditions, your doctor can prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection.
  •   Treatment plan. Personalized to your situation, this considers factors like how many teeth you want to be replaced and your remaining jawbone condition.

To control pain, local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or sedation can be used. You can talk to your doctor about which option is best for you. The dental care team can instruct you about drinking and eating before surgery depending on the anesthesia type you have.

Placing of the dental implants

During surgery, the oral surgeon makes some incisions to open your gums and expose the bone. The dental implant’s post is to be placed, and holes are drilled in the bone; since the post will act as the tooth root, it is fixed into the bone.

You will still have a gap where the tooth is missing. A type of temporary, partial denture might be placed for appearance, if necessary. These dentures can be removed for cleaning while you sleep.

Benefits of dental implants

Restores bite force. Dental implants are attached to the jaws with a titanium post replacing the tooth root. This allows you to bite less, using more force you could have used with your regular teeth. Some tooth replacements do not restore your bite force because they are placed on top of the gums and are not attached in a place.

It prevents your face’s shape from changing. Teeth help in supporting your facial structure. When your teeth fall out, you lose that support which makes a face change appearance, making you look older. Dental implants give similar support to the face as natural teeth.

They are comfortable. Dental implants are attached directly to the jawbone to provide strength and support to the tooth’s root. The jawbone grows around the titanium post during the healing process, holding it firmly in place. This stability helps the implants to look like natural teeth. Other replacement options don’t stimulate the feeling of tooth roots, and they are not as secure as dental implants.

If you need to replace your damaged or missing teeth, you can consider dental implants that look like your natural teeth. Orlando center for cosmetic dentistry has well-specialized dentists to perform dental implant surgery. Please book an appointment with them today.

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