What to Expect After Having Your First Botox Treatment

Many people opt for Botox injection to help gain a youthful look. For first time clients, having Botox may cause panic or fear. Knowing what to expect during your first Botox treatment can help you cope with the challenge and make an informed decision. Many people have benefited from the procedure and have restored a youthful look.

If you are looking forward to looking fresh-faced and fabulous, you may consider Botox in Edgewater, NJ. But first you need to know what to expect from the procedure.

The Skin MayLook the Same

Soon after you have received your first Botox injections you may wonder why nothing looks different. It takes time for the injection to work, so be patient and you will begin to see results.  It could take about 2 to 8 days to start seeing a difference. You should be able to see full effects two weeks following the treatment. Also, remember that the timings vary between individuals.

It Will Very Likely Not Hurt

If you are wondering whether or not Botox hurts, you may be comforted to know that for most people it is not a painful process. The needles are tiny enough that Botox aficionados feel no pain after the injections. However, the procedure has to be done by an experienced practitioner. He or she will know precisely where to inject and will use the right technique. If there is any discomfort you feel, it is minimal.

You May Have Some Bruising or Redness

After the treatment, you could have some redness, swelling, or bruising. You may even have some headaches. The small red bumps you notice after Botox injection will resolve in about 30 minutes. It is always possible to have bruising, but it is minimal and will resolve within a few days. You may want to avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, and other OTC medications not prescribed by your doctor.

You Should Not Massage or Touch Your Face 

Do not touch or massage the face even if you experience headaches. Massaging the treated area can manipulate the Botox protein and spread it into unwanted areas. You may want to wait for about 4 hours before you can manipulate the areas in which you have received injections.

Your Muscle Movement Feels Restricted

After you have Botox injections, your muscle movements are going to be restricted. Contrary to what many people think, Botox is not a filler, it is a muscle relaxer. Botox stops your muscles from moving thus relaxing the wrinkles. This is how you gain back that youthful appearance. You will feel you are frowning and creasing your brow, but the expressions are reduced.

These are some of the things you can expect to see or feel after the injections. Of course, you expect to see results within two weeks. Your Botox injection should be able to bring back that youthful look you desire to have. The procedure is minimally invasive and considered safe. Make sure you talk with your doctor and ask questions regarding the procedure and things you expect to feel, see, or experience. 


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