What is the reason for surging popularity of Moissanite rings?

There has been a huge revolution in the jewelry market and this change has encouraged the use of Moissanite. Earlier, people could never think of having a perfect substitute for diamonds. This is because the diamond stone has been in use for a very long time and has become a tradition to be used as an engagement ring. But now with a revolution in the jewelry market, there’s surging popularity in the use of Moissanite rings. Forever One Moissanite is one of the most used engagement rings and is the first colorless Moissanite that was introduced.

The first creation of Moissanite was first launched by the world-famous gemologist- George Kunz. Even though it took time for creating Moissanite, its name has reached far and wide. It is a highly valuable gem and looks similar to a diamond. So if you aren’t a jeweler expert, it will be impossible for you to differentiate between the two!

Like diamonds, a Moissanite has similar brilliance, shine, spark, and clarity. But the best part is that Moissanite is available at a lower price than that of a diamond. This is the reason why Moissanite is the new buzz of the town! Moissanite is a unique creation that has been crafted artistically and has been grown in labs ethically. As far as weddings or engagements are concerned, Moissanite has become the new choice for couples.

Reasons Why Moissanite is a perfect alternative for diamond:

There are various reasons why Moissanite is getting so popular. If you’re planning to buy Moissanite for your engagement and you want to know more about this gemstone, read below!

The cost of Moissanite-

Engagement rings are highly precious because of the tradition, cultural heritage, as well as because of its artistic beauty. All of these factors make it a very precious ring. Diamond and engagement rings are synonymously liked to one another. This is because people have considered it a tradition to use diamonds in engagement ceremonies. This is the ultimate reason for its popularity and obviously because of its look. However, the problem is that people may love to buy diamonds but they may not be able to afford it because of its huge expensiveness. There can be other reasons for not buying diamond but the price factor is the main. Moissanite, on the other hand, resembles a diamond and is less expensive. One carat of a diamond may cost $5000 but a Moissanite of the same size may cost $600 only. Because of such price differences, Moissanite is getting more and more popular.

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Authentic look and draws the attention of the buyers-

There are various alternatives to diamond but none of them are authentic or a perfect alternative. Moissanite is the best alternative of a diamond because of its shine, brilliance, and durability. Rather, Moissanite has more fire- meaning to say that it has a higher brilliance than diamond because of double refraction. Besides this, the craftsmen and retailers dedicate an equal amount of dedication and labor for its creation. A lot of effort is being made on this gemstone to make it look exactly like a diamond. The best thing about Moissanite ring is that it can draw your attention because of its authentic look. Moissanite ring has been a blessing in disguise for all those couples who don’t have huge funds for purchasing diamonds. It has become a reward for them and has become a popular choice for engagement rings. The properties and features of a Moissanite are more or less similar to that of a diamond.

It is ethically grown in labs and is less hazardous for the labors-

People who are fond of purchasing environment-friendly and ethically grown jewelry often choose Moissanite. Unlike diamonds, Moissanite is not found from under the earth’s surface. It is created in labs under favorable conditions. On the other hand, diamond is found miles under the earth’s surface and it has to be brought out by digging. The process of digging is often known as mining. Large machinery is used for mining and lots of natural habitats are lost while the process is carried out. The laborers also work under hazardous conditions which are not the case in Moissanite. So, if you are in search of eco-friendly options, Moissanite is the right choice for you!

These are some of the basic reasons that have surged up the popularity of Moissanite rings. Now that you know the reasons for popularity, it is also essential to know a few things before purchasing a Moissanite ring.

Tips to purchase Moissanite:

When it comes to choosing Moissanite rings, various things have to be kept in mind. One of the biggest factors that play a key role is- cut and shape. Out of all the shapes, the square shape is the most famous. Another cut that is famous for engagement purposes is the round shape. Another factor that is to be kept in mind is the price of the ring. As discussed above, the price of Moissanite is much less than that of a diamond. So the buyers need to know the actual price of the Moissanite to get the best price. Know that the price will vary depending on certain factors like size, shape, cut, and carat weight. Apart from this, Moissanite is available in different color options, out of which the colorless looks the best because of its glow and classy feature. The champagne-colored Moissanite is also a favorite choice as it radiates a unique shine.

In a nutshell, Moissanite has become the top choice among couples and has become the best alternative for diamonds. Moissanite has become popular and is extensively used for wedding engagements and wedding purposes. As per the demands and the market trends, it has been found that the popularity will rise twice or thrice more than what it is today. The main reason for such a surge is mainly due to the resemblance, durability, color choices, price, as well as its capacity to resist wear and tear.

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