What is the difference between Static code analysis and code review

Code review is a regular thing for individuals, static review is a normal thing for machines. There are (once in a while decent) static review apparatuses. Code survey is the point at which an associate/guide/teacher/companion goes over your code and gives you useful analysis. 

Static review is, then again, a mechanized cycle wherein a machine, educated by what it thinks about the language it is dissecting (normally from the sort framework), examines a program and attempts to select things that could be wrong, wasteful, helpless style, or in any case problematic.

Top static code analysis tools for 2021


SonarQube is an open-source stage created by SonarSource for constant assessment of code quality to perform programmed surveys with static reviews of code to identify bugs, code scents, and security weaknesses on 20+ programming dialects.


PVS-Studio is a device for distinguishing bugs and security shortcomings in the source code of projects, written in C, C++, C#, and Java. It works in Windows, Linux, and macOS climate. 

It is conceivable to coordinate it into Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, and other broad IDE. The consequences of the investigation can be brought into SonarQube.


For Salesforce development teams, CodeScan is the leading static code analysis solution

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With over 350+ rules, CodeScan has the largest engine to boost security and enforce the quality of your code








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