What Conditions Does an Emergency Dentist Handle?

Every person is at risk of having dental injuries. Dental injuries can involve parts like teeth, gums, jawbone, teeth roots, and nerves. When you have a dental injury, you require a dentist who can arrive as soon as possible to handle the damage. However, emergency dentistry can also handle oral complications that do not require immediate attention. According to research, you can have your family dentist or a trusted dentist from a dental center.  Call emergency dentistry in Beaumont for any oral complication that requires immediate attention.

Oral conditions that require emergency dentistry services

Brushing your teeth twice a day with the recommended toothbrush and toothpaste is a way of keeping away oral infections. However, some problems may arise even when your teeth are clean and healthy. Studies show that around 10% of people across the world miss their work and school due to dental issues. Half of these individuals require emergency dentistry since their dental issues are serious. Oral conditions that require emergency dentistry include:

  1. Tooth pain. Tooth pain is also called a toothache. A toothache may require an immediate response from the dentist since it may cause gum inflammation. The effect of the inflammation can even be seen from the outside. Tooth pain suggests issues like cavities, decay, and root infection.
  2. Broken or cracked tooth. Your teeth cannot break or crack naturally. Oral accidents such as falling from a higher place, hitting a wall with your teeth, and others may cause your teeth to crack. A cracked tooth can be so painful that you may require immediate pain killers from your doctor. Dental veneers can also lead to cracks or tooth breakage. 
  3. Bleeding gums. You may not have been experiencing bleeding when brushing your teeth in previous days. After experiencing blood when brushing, that may call for emergency dentistry services. Bleeding when brushing may suggest infected or weak gums.
  4. Lost filling. A filling is done to prevent your tooth from further decay. The filling may fall out from your tooth, leaving it exposed to bacteria and germs. You may require an immediate dentist for the filling.
  5. Lost veneers. The white shells placed on your teeth surface may come out unexpectedly. Your discolored teeth are exposed, which can result in discomforts such as low self-esteem. Additionally, teeth without veneers can be more sensitive to cold and hot food, thus resulting in difficulties when eating and drinking. You may require immediate dental service to replace the veneers.
  6. Crowns falling out. If your artificial crowns are coming out from their posts, you need to see your dentist immediately. Crowns may come out due to wearing out of threads that hold them to the post. You can restore them temporarily using Vaseline before arriving at your doctor.

Emergency dentistry helps many people to overcome pain and keep away dental infections that can arise. If your condition is not severe, you can use telehealth and explain to your doctor what has happened. Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental center is the best you can trust with emergency dentistry.

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