What Causes Concussion and How to Treat

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that is resulted from a severe blow in the head. This injury makes the head and brain shake back and forth in quick succession. This leads to an altered mental state and may lead to an individual becoming unconscious due to the brain cell’s damages and the disruption of nerve communication. Anyone can get injured during a fall, road accident, or during daily activity. Participating in sports, such as football or boxing, may increase the risks of getting a concussion due to their massive impacts. A concussion is not regarded as life-threatening, but it can cause serious problems that require medical intervention. If you received a concussion in San Diego, it is important that you see a specialist immediately. Though there is no specific treatment for a concussion, patients still have great hope at Mindset; a great team of professionals and experts will offer personalized, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation that improves post-concussion syndrome and helps store brainwaves back to a normal state.

A concussion can be recognized through signs and symptoms such as memory problems, dizziness, confusion, blurry vision, ringing in the ear, loss of balance, and nausea. These signs and symptoms will show up after the injury depending on the seriousness of the injury. Some symptoms will show after some hours, while others will show after days. Once these signs and symptoms show, an individual should visit our experts at Mindset for concussion diagnosis. Our doctors will start by deep interrogation about how the injury happened and its symptoms. Our experts will also do a physical examination to determine the symptoms. In case of severe symptoms, the doctors will request an MRI scan or a CT scan of your brain to examine the seriousness of the injury.

After the diagnosis, our experts will administer the best treatment method for your concussion. They may use transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment that uses safe magnetic impulses to stimulate the brain’s electrical activity. This will restore brainwave activity to its normal levels, therefore improving the symptoms of disorders caused by brain arrhythmias, which usually disrupt nerve activity. At MindSet, we give our patients tips that aim to prevent and minimize the risk of head injury such as:

Wearing Protective Gear in Sports and Recreational Activities
Always ensure the equipment fits you well, is worn correctly, and well maintained when bicycling, motorcycling, snowboarding, or when engaging in a recreational activity that might result in head injury.

Make Your Home Safe
Always ensure your home is well lit, and the floor is free of anything that may cause you to trip and fall and lead to head injury.

Buckling the Seat Belt
Always ensure you wear the seat belt when motorcycling. A seat belt prevents serious head injury during a traffic accident.

Exercising Regularly
Regular exercise strengthens legs and improves body balance.

Educating Others about Concussions
Educating people such as athletes, parents, and coaches will help spread awareness of the truth about a concussion. Parents and coaches can also help to encourage good sportsmanship.

Don’t fight
Concussion is often sustained during an assault, which leads to head injuries.

In conclusion, our qualified experts in MindSet will ensure our patients recover from a concussion. They will monitor our patients and follow the right procedure to ensure their quick recovery. If you or your friend is suffering from a concussion, kindly call MindSet or book an appointment online.

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