What are the Possible Treatment Options of Erectile Dysfunction?

It is not a rare thing to find men silently suffering from erectile dysfunction problems. ED occurs when one cannot get or maintain an erection. It becomes difficult to last long enough and satisfy the other partner during sex. In turn, ED affects the quality of life and relationships, making the individual lose confidence. It is a medical condition that most men feel embarrassed to seek help for. Luckily, ED is treatable. Book an appointment with Michael Rotman, MD, a New York erectile dysfunction specialist, to regain a healthy sex life.

When should you seek treatment for ED?

Before looking at the treatment options for erectile dysfunction, it is important to understand the signs. You should seek medical assistance if you:

  •   Have difficulties getting hard: It is normal to have function issues from time to time. However, frequent failure to get an erection could be a sign of ED. It could be psychological when you get erections in some circumstances and fail in others. Otherwise, when you are unable to get an erection, it could be a physical problem.
  •   Have problems maintaining an erection: In some cases, you may find that you are performing so well during foreplay and the first few minutes. However, with time, before you orgasm, the penis starts to deflate. This may also be a sign of ED.
  •   Painful erections: Although ED is mostly associated with the failure to get an erection, the problem may begin early. This occurs when you have occasional unwanted painful erections that last for hours. In turn, they could damage tissues and fail to get erections.
  •   Curved erections: Scars forming along the penis could cause you to have curved erections that make it hard to have sex. In turn, you may get anxious and fail to get erections. If it does not go away independently, you should seek medical attention.

What are the treatment options available?

  •   Physical therapy: Exercises and physical therapy are effective treatments for ED. A therapist will advise you on how you can perform Kegel exercises to heal your condition.
  •   Oral medications: ED mostly results when there is an insufficient supply of blood to the penile tissues. Specific medications like Viagra improve flow and restore erections.
  •   Injections: Treatment works similar to oral medications, but these are injected directly to the side or base of the penis to improve blood flow.
  •   Penile implants: Inserting penile implants requires a qualified urologist. The pump has two cylinders that create erections when activated.
  •   Vacuum erection: A vacuum device works by drawing blood inside the penile tissues when you insert the cylinder. You will then be required to insert a tension band that maintains the erection.
  •   Lifestyle changes: Sometimes, the doctor will evaluate your condition and advise you on lifestyle changes according to your ED’s cause. They may require you to adopt a specific diet, quit smoking, or exercise more.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by preexisting medical conditions or lifestyle changes. Michael Rotman, MD, performs a physical examination and takes into account your past medical history. Based on the information collected, he comes up with the most suitable treatment option to restore the health of your sex life. Book an appointment today for customized care. 

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