Top Quality and Comprehensive Neurological Care in New York

Neurology health issues affect the nervous system. They interfere with movement, speech, coordination, among other vital body functions. These health problems are usually complex and require professional care to treat them effectively. Their fatality rate is high, and many cause permanent disability. The diseases are costly to treat and maintain, and it’s also challenging for the caregivers. Immediate medical care is essential to help save lives and prevent more severe cases. NY Neurology Associates specializes in providing comprehensive and compassionate care to patients suffering from neurology health problems. If you need help contact a pediatric neurologist in New York.

With five convenient locations in Upper Eastside, Upper West Side, Gramercy Park, Downtown, and Long Island, New York, the practice excels in providing efficient neurological care to the surrounding communities. They use advanced medical technology to provide quality and practical, personalized treatment plans. They value their patients’ needs and strive to see they are met and give them the best experience. The NY Neurology Associates team consists of board-certified specialists in headaches and migraines, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, pediatric neurology, neurophysiology, pain management, and rehabilitation. The practice also performs clinical research to investigate new treatments for neurological conditions.

NY Neurology Associates has the latest technology equipment that ensures patients get the most accurate diagnoses. The top leading neurologists and pain management specialists provide the best care assuring their patients’ excellent results. They treat all neurological disorders, including acute and chronic diseases and conditions such as migraines, vertigo, balance-related problems, memory problems, stroke, and tremors. They also offer therapeutic procedures such as Botox injections, sacroiliac joint blocks and injections, epidural steroid injections, and carpal tunnel steroid injections. They accept primary medical health insurance hence are affordable and convenient for many patients.

They offer services such as:


Tremors occur due to several neurological disorders affecting your life quality. The experienced team at NY Neurology Associates offers advanced diagnoses and treatments to evaluate the cause and manage tremors through personalized treatments. Visit them today for services you can trust.


A stroke is among the complex neurology disorders that cause paralysis, loss of speech, and swallowing problems. It’s distressing to take care and treat. At NY Neurology Associates, they offer efficient and extensive care for stroke patients to improve their lives. Call or book an appointment today to schedule your consultation.

Neurological disorders are challenging to treat and even in taking care of the patients. They also have a high fatality rate and affect the body’s primary functions, affecting life quality ultimately. NY Neurology Associates is committed to improving neurological disorders patients’ lives through comprehensive and compassionate care. They are caring and friendly and strive to offer solutions to treat and manage patients’ health conditions. At the facility, they use advanced technology to help with the most accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. They understand the impact of neurological disorders on patients hence they focus on giving them hope and instilling enthusiasm in them. Additionally, they welcome both new and existing patients. Visit them in your preferred locations for care with a difference.

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