Top 5 Mosquito Myths Debunked

If you have spent some time indoors during the spring or summer, you already understand how annoying and frustrating mosquitoes can be. Due to this frustration, there have been many theories to explain their overall behavior, anti-mosquito apps, and even suggested remedies. There are numerous tip, hacks, tricks, and a lot of information, and that means it can be very hard to establish with pieces of information are true and what tips or tricks are just myths. To help you accurately decipher facts from fiction, here are the six common myths about mosquitoes.

1. Having bats in your property is an effective way of controlling mosquitoes

For many decades, people have always believed that attracting bats to your yard is an effective way of exterminating mosquitoes. Though offering shelter to these endangered species is a great idea, they will not eliminate all the mosquitoes from your home. Studies have shown that bats consume a large number of bothersome flying insects within an hour. Unfortunately, mosquitoes make less than 1% of their diet. So, it is recommended to get in touch with an expert in mosquito control in St. Charles to help you eliminate these insects.

2. Both male and female mosquitoes bite people

Of all the mosquito species that feed on human blood, only the females bite. Note that consuming blood from humans and animals is an essential part of their breeding cycle. Female mosquitoes need the protein found in human or animal blood to produce healthy eggs. On the other hand, males depend on other sources such as nectar to sustain their diet.

3. They prefer certain blood types

Generally, mosquitoes don’t gravitate towards people just because of their sweet blood or a specific type of blood. They bite you because they need the protein in your blood to breed and not the taste. While some facets of your genetics, including skin bacteria, might affect, blood type isn’t considered a factor.

4. People with fair skin are more prone to mosquito bites

It’s no secret that whenever mosquitoes bite, everyone has a reaction that often results in a small red bump. A component in the mosquito’s saliva causes this reaction as it prevents your blood from clotting while the insect is drinking.

The primary reason most people with fair skin strongly believe that they are very popular with these flying insects is that they often have a stronger reaction to their bites. While this might make it look like fair-skinned people get more mosquito bites, they happen to be more prominent.

5. All mosquitoes carry diseases

According to a report issued by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), there are about 3,500 mosquito species, but a more significant number of them don’t bite people. Of the small number that feeds on human blood, only the females do the actual biting. Thus, not all mosquitoes carry or transmit diseases.

Lastly, mosquitoes tend to prefer more significant people than small ones. Thus adults are more likely to be targeted by mosquitoes than children.

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