Tips To Helps Prevent Neck Pain

Many people, without knowing, tend to encourage neck pain by how they perform their everyday activities. If your posture is not good, you could have neck pain. Whenever you have neck pain, consider seeking a Los Angeles neck pain specialist for diagnosis and timely treatment. Otherwise, you want to use these tips to prevent neck pain.

Get a new pillow

When it comes to the comfort and support of your neck while sleeping, there are many things you can do. You may want to do some trial and error to help find out what works for you. Try to use a pillow that can keep the cervical spine within a neutral alignment. Ensure that the natural curve of the neck is well supported. Some individuals find that the pain in their neck reduces when they sleep on their back while the head remains supported by a flat pillow.

 Others find that the pain reduces when they have their head lying with extra support under their neck. Also, other people find the pain decreases when they lie by their side.  In addition to trying out a new pillow, you can change your position while sleeping to find out where you are more comfortable and not straining the ligaments and muscles of the neck.

 Avoid neck strains from texting

 You may not realize it, but texting or using your phone can strain your neck. While texting you probably look down at the cell phone for an extended period. This tends to put excessive strain on the neck. If you do this for a long duration, you will have more stress on the ligaments, discs, and joints in your neck leading to premature degenerative changes within your neck. You can consider raising your mobile phone to eye level and reducing texting time. Ensure you rest your hands as well as the device on a pillow. Also, consider taking frequent breaks from texting.

Having good posture

You may cause neck pain if you have poor posture as it strains ligaments and muscles that support your neck. Over time, you may develop an injury. A common example of having poor posture is where you have the head-and-shoulders-forward. This occurs when you have the neck slanting forwarding which means the head remains in front of your shoulder. Remember that for every inch you shift the head forward, you are adding an extra 10 pounds of weight to the muscles within the upper back as well as the neck. You can avoid this kind of extra force by keeping the chin tucked inward.

 Carry weight evenly

 Many people make the mistake of carrying heavy briefcases and purses on one side of the body. The uneven load may cause the shoulders to be uneven often straining the neck muscles. So, you want to lighten the load by carrying only your essentials in the briefcase or purse. Also, make an effort to position the shoulders at a level all the time when you are carrying a briefcase. You may want to use a backpack that can distribute weight evenly across the shoulders.

 These tips can help you minimize the chances of causing neck pain. If you find yourself having neck pain, seek a specialist to get treatment, and avoid further complications.

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