The Perfect Options for the best Sensual Massage

In your skin, 80,000 nerve endings are just waiting to be stimulated. Cosmo and erotic massage expert will give you tips for massages with 100% guaranteed pleasure.

Trouble-free zone

This sensual massage ensures a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. If the “Do not disturb” Sign hangs on the jack, switches off the TV and PC, as well as landline and mobile phone. Chill sound helps too. Set the room temperature to about 22 ° C , as the massaged quickly freezes. Both should be naked, that creates balance and is erotic. Be sure to go to the toilet first – pee breaks destroy every beautiful session. For the right kind of massage you can got for the sensual massage Brisbane services as well.

Set the roles before

So, who is the giver, who is the taker? Otherwise you think too much about when it’s your turn. “Better tell the partner beforehand, Hey, I’ll give you one, two hours touch. So the roles are clearly distributed, and I can fully engage with the inner experience. The other one can show himself the next day – as always.” Note thatthe erotic massage is not necessarily a prelude to sex. Prefer to listen without expectation and then watch what develops.

Heat massage oil

Cold lotion or oil on the skin are uncomfortable. And above all, it’s not exotic. So pour the massage oil into the hollow hand . Put the second hand on it and form a cave. By slowly breathe in you warm the massage oil – and your hands. Note: Pay attention to the skin compatibility of the massage. It should also be free of preservatives .

Feel your individual needs

In addition, the sense of pleasure changes in the course of life; erogenous zones change size, location and quality. Therefore, always before and during the massage pay attention to how the other one is on it . Remember: Do not talk too much or you will not get into the flow. Nevertheless, always keep the connection, physical and emotional . The attraction is to get to know each other through touch and as little communication as possible.

The technology decides

The misconception is that sex leads to relaxation. But relaxation should be the basis for sex. This relaxation can be achieved in two ways: Firstly, by kneading and pressing on the affected area in order to release it with even greater tension. On the other hand, you can solve the tension by gentle stroking, the body then gets the message: You may let go. You should make even movements with both hands . Caressing one’s neck with one hand and drumming with the other on the lower part of the back feels rather strange.

Hurry in a while

It can take until the sexual energy is distributed throughout the body. Only through the length of the contact, a hormone cocktail is formed in the head and body that lasts longer than, for example, a quickie orgasm. Erotic massages are so popular because the body is first relaxed for an hour before the orgasm follows. He is especially intense.

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