The Fierce Underdogs of Czech Football League

The Czech Republic football league is not as famous as the English Premier League or the Champions League, but it still manages to attract huge viewers from its local sphere. It’s a league that is still in the backwaters but has the potential to draw worldwide attention in the coming years. The Czech league has a total of 16 teams competing for the title and glory every year.

The most successful teams of the Czech first league include Viktoria Plzen and Sparta Prague. These two football teams are fierce rivals owing to the fact that they compete with each other at the same level which much stronger than the other teams.

But in this article, we will be talking about the “underdogs” of the Czech first league or the teams which are at the bottom of the table in 2019. Even though they are not highly prolific like the previous two league leaders, these teams manage to put up a great display of football every year. They are engaged in a high profile relegation battle and keep the fans engaged in the league.

Teplice – even though the team has not yet achieved any titles or championship, Teplice has been working hard for the past few seasons with talented young players and efficient management. One of their notable wins is the 7-0 away win against Slavia Prague which delighted their fans.

Mlada Boleslav – the team had a good sprint in the summer but recently they have not been able to show the right spirit like before. But they are constantly revamping their starting eleven and fighting hard to come to the top.

Slovan Liberec – Slovan Liberec is one of those teams who has previously won the Czech league before but has not managed to win it in the recent years. However, the team competes in the Europa League and they knocked Udinese out of the league with excellent performances.

Banik Ostrava – once one of the top contenders in the league, Banik Ostrava has been down at the bottom for the past few seasons. They are trying hard to regain their form back by shuffling new players and appointing good managers. With time they hope to make a comeback.

So these are some of the current “underdogs” of the Czech first league which you should know about and follow some of their matches regularly.

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