The Difference Between Accumulators and Singles

Football is one of the most popular games on the planet. While some fans prefer to go to the stadium to cheer up their favorite team, others choose an alternative method. As you may have already guessed, we have online football betting in mind. There is no denying the fact that betting is certainly a way to support your team without leaving your house.

There are many sports betting platforms you can choose from these days. While some of them are controversially reliable, others are completely worthy of your trust. MaxFootballBets belong to the latter category, and you can easily check the platform out by following the link on However, today we have decided to talk about the difference between most common bets in football – accumulators and singles. If you happen to be unable to distinguish the two – you have come to the right place!


There are both downsides as well as upsides when playing with accumulators. The downside is that for getting a prize, all the bets placed should win. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to claim the reward. On the bright side, if you win all those bets – the money is great.


Singles ensure that you definitely win (at least somewhere down the line); however, the reward is not that impressive. If you choose singles and bet three times on different plays and two games come in, you can claim the reward on those two wins when compared with accumulators when you need all three to succeed.

To sum it up, it is safe to say that there is no winner here. The fact is that the two options exist because all the bettors are different, and while some people never bet on singles, others can’t imagine a gamble without accumulators. You may need to try both to figure out which one is your absolute best option.

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