The Benefits of Receiving Dental Implants

Everyone loves a good smile, however, things like chipped, broken, or missing teeth can make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. A dental implant comes in the form of a tiny, strong alloy screw used to replace missing or damaged natural teeth. The screw is drilled into the individual’s jawbone to firmly hold and connect the artificial teeth you receive. If you have a missing tooth, you can opt for dentures, however, you will be concerned about them not fitting properly or being loose. Dental implants are a solution to your problem if you do not like dentures. Restore your smile by seeking dental implants in Campbell. So, what are the benefits of opting for dental implants?

No Restricted Diet

Dentures tend to impair your ability to chew, making it difficult to eat some foods. If you wear dentures, you will have to make some adjustments to the food you eat. For example, foods such as corn and steak can be difficult. Dental implants make a better option if you do not want to eliminate steak from your dinner. Implants allow you to chew as you do with natural teeth.


Dental implants are designed to endure for long; if properly cared for, they last an entire lifetime. The secret is to maintain a proper teeth cleaning routine. Clean your teeth and the dental implants as you normally do, and they will serve you for a long time. Because implants are not real teeth, they tend to be stronger than your natural teeth. You will not have to worry about decay and cavities with the implants.

Bone Retention

Dental implants mean that the natural location of your teeth is planted firmly within the jawbone. The procedure helps to stimulate the jaw bone, thus helping with bone retention. When it comes to traditional dentures, they do not usually stimulate the jawbone as implants do. This can contribute to bone loss, and over time you may have a sunken-looking face. If you need a better choice for your missing teeth, dental implants are a great option.

Easy to Maintain

Implants do not usually require a lot of work in maintaining them. As long as you clean them just like you do to your natural teeth, they will remain strong. Brush and floss twice a day to remove any plaque and tartar that could find its way into the other teeth.

Natural Appearance

Dental implants may sound superficial, but in reality they have a very natural appearance and other people may not realize you have them. Losing your perfect smile due to a missing tooth can cause stress and depression. You begin to lose confidence in yourself and it can affect your personal and work life. Since there is no visible difference between the replaced tooth and the natural one, the implant will only affect your physical appearance for good.

If you have got a missing tooth or teeth, you can choose to receive dental implants. You will  find them comfortable, durable, and attractive.

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