The Alternative Music from the Eighties to Now

In the eighties, for some groups, musical research achieves good qualitative results, but the dissemination and dissemination channels are drastically reduced as they close almost all free radios and even the main national right-wing weekly magazines such as “Candido”, “Linea”, “Dissent” that had always given ample space to “alternative music”. 

The Reflux Period

It is the period of the so-called “reflux” which, like any other change in the Italian historical, social or political framework, is also perceived by the “alternative music” songwriters who find themselves, on the one hand, coming to terms with the end of a dark period and very hard and, on the other, to face a new way of doing politics. Groups that are still active (even with sometimes renewed formations) are joined by new complexes and new soloists with a clear prevalence among the youngest of the rock music genre. In the nineties new groups and new musical trends enrich the panorama of “alternative music”. 

  • Even some “historical” groups do not disdain the use of rock or even rap, while younger groups express new and often avant-garde musical experiments. Hence the use by some area groups of the new definition of “rock identity” instead of the now old “alternative music” too place. 
  • But, beyond the musical genres used, what distinguish Alternative Music (as a general definition) remains the contents expressed and the identification of artists in a well-defined political area. 

Always attentive to technological evolution, the right-wing musical groups in the last decade have greatly improved the technical quality and image of the products produced, both as regards the arrangements and all the stages of musical production, both as regards the use of new technologies: digital, video or IT. 

Musical Groups

Many musical groups and houses now have their Internet sites and products can now also be purchased “on line”; however, what is still lacking, both because of the dominance of the communist lobby in the musical world, and at times for a precise choice by the militant groups themselves, is the possibility of bringing “alternative music” into the big national advertising circuits , dissemination and distribution. Thus we arrived at the beginning of the third millennium and “alternative music” is still flourishing. New groups have been born, even in recent months, within the youth movements of the Right (parliamentary and otherwise). 

The Concerts

Every year at least a dozen new productions and hundreds of organized concerts take place. Furthermore, national political evolution is leading, albeit slowly, to some form of official recognition. The hope is that today, also thanks to the work of collecting, historical cataloging and dissemination carried out by the cultural association Lorien (which has collected on its website all the existing material on the subject) as well, of course, thanks also to the renewed national political climate it is possible to get out of isolation often even voluntary in which one has found oneself for thirty years. 

We would hope that more and more public administrations, governed by the center-right, become aware of this vast “submerged” cultural phenomenon that has marked the history of our country, but also the national media, the organizers of shows, festivals or musical events and even the universities take note as soon as possible of the existence and potential of a socio-cultural movement that has such a long history and such a great creative force.


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