Telemedicine Service in Deerfield Beach, FL?

Today’s life has become busier as we struggle to combat the harsh economic times experienced worldwide. One of the things that have changed is the way we access medical advice and treatment. Telemedicine is a relatively new concept that has been developing significantly in the current world of the internet. Soffer Health Institute, under the leadership of Dr. Soffer and his health team, is providing excellent service in telemedicine in Deerfield Beach, FL, including cardiovascular assessments and vein consultation via the newest virtual technologies. To access or learn more about telemedicine benefits, call or book an appointment online with Soffer Health Institute.

What Is Telemedicine?

This may be something that most of us are hearing for the first time. It refers to the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment via telecommunications technology.  Telemedicine enables clinicians to advise, diagnose, prescribe medications, and arrange for them to reach their patients without examining and meeting with them physically. Unlike traditional telephone services in which the doctor would only rely on the oral description of symptoms from the patient, telemedicine uses a variety of virtual technologies, including; video calls, WhatsApp, and FaceTime. In case you require further treatments, the medical staff at Soffer Health Institute will call you for an inpatient visit.

Why Should You Consider Telemedicine?

As opposed to going to the hospital where you will often have to wait, telemedicine facilities ensure you receive the best medical care you require without waiting for long periods of time. This is particularly useful if you have prevailing health problems that make it hard to go to the medical center. This also applies if you have a busy schedule and in-office visits are not very convenient, or if you are suffering from a chronic health condition such as cardiovascular problems that require consistent medical care. Virtual technology connects you with the best medical team at Soffer Health Institute for any mysterious symptoms or complications from previous treatments. Here, you will be able to access the best key and cardiology services from the coziness of your own home. Think of any other inconvenient situation such as late-night emergencies, holidays, weekends, or adverse weather conditions. Telemedicine services will be a lifesaver for you.

Benefits of Using Telemedicine Services

Various benefits come with the use of telemedicine services as opposed to traditional hospital visits. Patients and physicians both save money when using telemedicine. You will save money on expenses for transport, and telemedicine services are often less costly than urgent care clinics. More so, it saves time, especially for patients with chronic conditions that require a regular visit to the doctor’s office. Generally, telemedicine services are convenient as patients get diagnosed and sent to the local pharmacy immediately. Dr. Soffer and his team of professionals are always ready to give you the best telemedicine services 24/7.

What Is the Telemedicine Appointment Like?

During a telemedicine appointment, you will connect with your physician via the technology of your choice. The doctor will evaluate your health history, any medicines you have received recently, and your existing health; similar to an office visit. You will then express your health concerns and symptoms. The doctor can assess your bodily symptoms such as open wounds, skin rashes, and enlarged veins if you are using video technology. The team at Soffer Health Institute will recommend your treatment during the appointment or recommend you visit their medical center for additional testing if the condition is severe. 

To sum up, for convenience and access to excellent medical care in and around Deerfield Beach, FL, particularly in accordance with the current Covid-19 pandemic, call Soffer Health Institute or request an online appointment today. They specialize in different diagnostic testing and treatments for cardiovascular conditions, particularly exemplary vein care.


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