Suffered discrimination at work? Talk to a skilled employment lawyer now!

A considerable number of workplace discrimination incidents are reported in Texas every year. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg, because many employees, workers and executives do not file a compliant or discrimination lawsuit, fearing consequences. If you have suffered discrimination at work, you should seek justice, and one of the first steps is to talk to an employment discrimination lawyer in Austin

Know your rights

Any kind of discrimination at work is always unacceptable and unlawful. This could be something as simple as treating an employee differently because they belong to a certain race. This could be also about denying a promotion to someone because they complained about something. If you believe that your employer has discriminated, the first step is to understand your rights. For instance, in many companies, there is a complaints’ committee for help. Filing a lawsuit is even more necessary, if you informed the company about a manager’s act of discrimination and they failed to act. 

Depending on the nature of the discrimination lawsuit, an employee can be entitled to reinstatement, promotion, and may get back lost wages and other losses. Financial damages can be also rewarded, including litigation expenses incurred by the employee. 

The need for an employment lawyer

First things first, you have to understand that discrimination lawsuits are complex and complicated. To get the things you are entitled to, you have to prove that the allegations are true, for which evidence is critical. An employment discrimination lawyer can help in understanding what you claim is worth and if pursuing a lawsuit is a wise idea. Your lawyer can guide on what to expect from such lawsuits, and if you should consider negotiation out of court. Depending on the facts of your case, your lawyer may work on the lawsuit on a contingency basis, which means that they get paid if they win. If your legal team is working on an hourly basis, ask them about the same. 

Finding the right law firm

There are a bunch of law firms in Austin, and each one has its share of experience and related expertise. Before you hire an employment lawyer, make sure that they work for employees and executives alone, because such lawyers often have a more empathetic approach. Secondly, ask your lawyer if they are board certified by Labor and Employment by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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