Styling Short Hair into Chic and Elegant Bridal Hair

Bridal hair is a major part of a woman’s special day. There are a variety of options to choose from, and every woman would go for a style that matches her personality, the theme of the day, or her entire look. For most, the idea of bridal hair is long flowing hair with curls or twists, but what is the fate of women with short hair? Some feel a need to grow their short hair before their bi day to be able to create their preferred hairstyles. However, there are also bridal hairstyles that can be created by short hair.

These hairstyles include:

  • Pixie Cut: A pixie cut can create an amazing look for any bride on her day, especially if it hs been beautified with accessories, and perfect makeup. Yes, any bride with the right facial features can rock this on her big day.
  • Short Finger Waves: Short finger waves is also another amazing hairstyle any bride can rock on her day. It can be made to be simple, chic and very elegant. A beautiful smile and a great make -up artist would complete the rest of the look.
  • Short Bob: Short Bob can also be made to create a stunning bridal look. You can get one side accessorized with hairpins or other bridal accessories. Do not forget to finish the look with perfect make-up.
  • Short Bob with Fringe: What about adding a fringe to your bob hairdo? Yes, this elegant and stunning hairstyle would make for a beautiful bride on her day. You can also include some accessories in the whole look.
  • Short Braided Updo: If you love braids, who says you have to give it up on your big day? You can create a braided tip at the end of your short hair and then pass it across to look like a crown. This is another stylish bridal hairstyle for short hair.
  • Curly Short Updo: Why not add some curls to create the magic? You get all your curls packed upwards to fall on one side of your face. You have to also have a side parting where the other part of the hair is stylishly packed backward to create a sleek look.
  • Old Hollywood Waves: You can also create your perfect bridal hair with this old but ever-classy style. Have your hair all in curls. You can also create a parting to either side of your head, and get a fitting accessory.
  • Buzzcut: While talking about styles for a bride’s day, the clipper is not left out. Several unique styles can be created with the use of the clipper. One of them is the buzz cut. You can get your hair low, then styled it in jerry curls. With the right accessories, it should come out looking very beautiful. Other styles include shaving one side and leaving the other in twists, or styling the rest like a pixie cut. Let your imaginative prowess come through while creating stunning bridal styles!
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