Storm International in Germany: slot halls Storm Casinos are increasingly popular

Network Storm International (Michael Boettcher is the founder) in Germany consists of ten high-end slot-halls: in the cities of Frankfurt, Bensheim, Mülheim, Fulda, Zimmer, and Aschaffenburg.

The interior of all halls is realized in a single modern style with the use of mirrors, wood and bright carpets. The insides are finished with designer furniture that was custom-made for institutions. The visitors may find dozens classical slot machines, roulettes, and video-poker games.

The concept of Storm Casinos suggests both gambling entertainment, and a variety of show programs and special events, as in Shangri La, Michael Boettchersaid.

Some establishments include a bar, an Internet café and a relaxation area. Storm Casinos in Mülheim, Kreftel and Fulda also includes sports bars with billiard tables and bookmakers.

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