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NASDAQ is a trading platform that stands out from its contenders. It is one of the largest stock and securities exchange in the world. The developers of NASDAQ had planned that all its trades should happen electronically and not on a physical platform. This is the way it has been operated since 1971. It also attracts more companies that are technology and growth-oriented than other exchanges. It offers many options to trade if you frequently buy or sell equities. Most of the industries that use NASDAQ are high-software, internet companies, computers, and the like. Their vision is to reimagine the markets of today to explore the true potential that the markets of tomorrow can hold.

AEHR Test Systems

AEHR Test Systems was developed in 1977 in Fremont, California. It provides test systems for features like burning-in and testing logic, and optical and memory integrated circuits all over the world. About 2500 such systems have been installed worldwide. The company also manufactures and sells full wafer contact test systems, test fixtures, test during burn-in systems, die carriers, and related accessories. Their primary aim is to develop and manufacture products that can reduce the cost of testing, perform screening or burn-in of devices that use complex logic, sensors, optical devices, and more, reliably.The latest news updates, stock price, last closed value, etc. are provided by NASDAQ: AEHR at

In 2020, the company succeeded in some of the following:

  • Closed a new order with a major new customer.
  • It closed the initial order with the world’s largest OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test).
  • It added many new opportunities for customers and the market with devices ofsemiconductor material like silicon carbide.
  • Engaged with many new potential customers.
  • Shifted to a higher margin for products.
  • It completed the reconstruction it had planned earlier.

Stock details

The stock price of NASDAQ: AEHR is at 2.07 USD. The 52-week high that the company experienced is set at $2.78. The company has a market capitalization of $48,101,271, which is a greater market value than that of 15.04% of US stocks. The price-to-earnings ratio of AEHR is 249.23, which is higher than the ratio of approximately 97.23% of stocks. The growth rate of the company surpasses 4.24% of the US stocks.

The annual sale of the company is a whopping $22.29 million and the market cap is a good $49.02 million. The book value is $0.68 per share. The company constantly bounces back even if it had a bad quarter. However, clients must do their research about the company they want to invest in and the stock price in the market before investing at stocks website. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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