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The key is to compare the odds of various bookmakers. No bookmaker will give us their margin, but it may be that due to the dynamics of the market, two bookmakers are forced to adjust their odds so that a bettor takes a position in one bookmaker, and the opposite in another, so that regardless of the result a benefit can be obtained.

Again, this situation will occur in cases where two bookmakers have two opposite results offset. With this double operation we are helping them to balance their positions by placing ourselves against the majority of bettors.

Sports Trading

The concept of sports trading also comes from the stock market. It consists, in the purest style of stock market speculation, in negotiating with the temporal evolution of the odds of a party. As we have Sports Trading As discussed above, bookmakers dynamically move their odds as bets are settled to ensure that they are offsetting each other, and they derive their profit from the spread. A visit to will be effective for you.

The most obvious situation in this evolution of the odds is during live matches. Let’s imagine that the game begins with a draw to zero, it is very stuck, and we believe that it is very likely to end like this. We settled a bet on the tie, say with odds 3. After 20 minutes, if the marker has not moved, the odds will have been reduced to say 2.4, since the probability of the match ending in a tie will have increased. If now the game opens and we estimate that either team can score, we can choose to close our position and win the odds difference, in two possible ways.

Simultaneously betting on the two complementary results (it would be necessary to ensure that the margin implicit in these other quotas allows it).

Selling our tie position, or in stock terms, shorting the tie

This second option is of course cleaner, but the only bookmaker with a true market that allows us to be the bookmakers offering bets is Betfair , making it the ideal operator for exchange betting trading. We have carried out a complete analysis on the Betfair bookmaker, which you can consult in the previous link.

All of these methods are simple to list, but not easy to execute. They require enormous effort and dedication to successfully launch them. In any case, the elaboration of the entry and exit strategy in betting is not the only essential requirement to win real money. The reduction of margins or optimization of spreads, and the proper management of our banking or, to put it in terms of investment, the money management of bets , are also essential to grow our portfolio and optimize profit in betting. And all this is useless without proper psychological control of our emotions.

But these are other stories, which should be told in due course. We will dedicate their corresponding entries to these topics.

Bonus: a tip to win as soon as you start

The exposed methods will give you profitability in your continued operations. But as we have seen, in most cases, betting involves risks. But there is a way to start playing with benefits, with no risks taken. It’s about taking advantage of the subscription bonuses offered by bookmakers. Below we leave you a selection of the best.


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