Sexual Harassment at work in Irvine: Know your rights 

Your workplace is meant to safe and encouraging. Sadly, sexual harassment is a reality that many men and women have to deal with. In fact, reports of sexual harassment in California are higher than the national average as per available data. While sexual harassment may seem rampant within organizations, this is illegal and should be reported. If you believe you have been sexually harassed at work, consider contacting an employment lawyer Irvine CA, to know your rights. In this post, we are sharing more on California law and hiring a lawyer. 

Understanding the basics 

Establishing sexual harassment charges is often the hardest part. It must be proven that the conduct was unwelcome and created a work environment that was hostile for you to work. It doesn’t necessary always mean that you have suffered sexual harassment directly. For instance, if a coworker was being sexually harassed and you witnessed the same, it can make you uncomfortable enough to work and continue with your job. 

Examples of sexual harassment

There are several examples of sexual harassment worth knowing. These include leering, starting aggressively, passing lewd comments, brushing up against someone in a sexual way, intentional touching, and/or constantly asking for details. Another type of sexual harassment is called quid pro quo. In such cases, a person in position or authority or power may promise someone a promotion, favors, or other ways of career advancement, in return of sexual favors. If the employee doesn’t budge, the person in authority may threaten or even cause further harassment. 

Should you meet an employees’ rights attorney?

First things first, you have to inform the company about the incident. Sometimes, sexual harassment incidents are impacting enough, and you don’t have to wait. However, if you have doubt on whether it was a case of sexual harassment in the first place, you may want to wait. When the behavior persists, file a report with the HR or your immediate supervisor. If you have evidence, submit all details. The company should ideally take action against the harasser, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, the company may retaliate against the employee filing the sexual harassment case. Contact an employees’ rights attorney to find more on how you can handle the situation better. 

Not all law firms and employees’ rights attorneys are same, and when it comes to sexual harassment, you need someone with experience. That’s because the circumstances may require going against your employer. 

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