Say Goodbye to Dental Problems with Sedation Dentistry

Dental sedation involves various techniques to relax a patient before and after performing dental procedures. Patients who suffer from pain anxiety qualify for the help of dental sedation. In Sunnyvale, sleep dentistry is available for the sedation of your choice. The degree of your dental problem determines the type of sedation you will undergo. The main types of sedation dentistry are as follows:

Main Types of Sleep Dentistry Available in Dental Health Care

Below are examples of sedation dentistry performed for excellent dental care.

  •       IV sedation.  This method involves two techniques; the first one is general anesthesia. Patients who are suffering from severe dental problems will need universal anesthesia. This technique involves total unconsciousness. A patient with this kind of sedation requires a regular checkup from an anesthesiologist in his unconscious state.
  •       Oral sedation. Oral sedation involves you taking a prescribed pill before undergoing dental procedures. You may take the drug a day before and an hour before treatment according to the doctors’ directives. This sedation technique leaves you awake but relaxed to the extent that you might not remember what happened.
  •       Laughing gas. Nitrous oxide will help you feel relaxed during dental treatment. The dentist will have you to wear a mask that contains a mixture of oxygen and other medication. You will inhale the gas, which has a sweet odor that will give you a sense of light tingling and numbness. The mask will remain in place until the treatment is over. The following are some of the preparations you can take before performing sedation dentistry.

Simple Preparations to Consider Before Undergoing Sleep Dentistry

You will need to take eating and drinking precautions. These are the most crucial parameters to consider before a sedation process. No food should be taken within a range of at least 6 hours before carrying out sedation. You may consume simple liquids such as water within two hours before an appointment. If you fail to follow these precautions, severe problems can happen to you.

The mode of dressing in your treatment room is vital. It is best to wear comfortable and loose clothing that enables air circulation in your body.

Optimal health is required for awaiting dental treatment procedures. If you get sick prior to the date of your sedation dentistry, it is essential to inform your doctor to determine the next course of action.

The main advantages of sleep dentistry:

  •       Patients with pain anxiety issues can be treated.
  •       Physically and mentally disabled patients can be treated.
  •       Patients have no idea of what happens during treatment.
  •       Patients who fear dentists can be treated.

Consulting your doctor before deciding the type of sedation to undergo is vital. It is important to us the sedation that will best suit your needs and address your level of anxiety while visiting the dentist. Your doctor helps you get the best dental care by giving you precautions and directives to follow. Perio & Implant Center gives you the finest sleep dentistry experience during dental procedures. 

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