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Computer games are already seriously entering the world of bookmakers. More and more bookmakers are noticing how the industry is growing and are also adding themselves to this market (e.g. STS is a leader among bookmakers sponsoring players and eSports teams) and are introducing special offers for important tournaments. 

One of these games that are extremely popular around the world is the League of Legends computer game. Thanks to the dynamic gameplay, the eye-pleasing appearance, simple rules of the game and the ability to download the game for free, it has gained a large number of fans around the world. If you’re just taking your first steps in this game, we’ve prepared the essence of information that will help you enter this world. You can buy tft rank boost and come up to the best options there now.

History of League of Legends

League of Legends, LoL for short, was released at the end of 2009. It was released by the Riot Games company from Los Angeles, which is currently in the structures of Chinese Tencent. Production was extremely successful. Within a year of its publication, it was downloaded a million times. In 2011, the number of players playing during the month was already 11.5 million. Three years later there were already 67 million. And according to the latest official statistics from 2017, this number hit 100 million players! And its popularity is still increasing, which is why it belongs to the rapidly growing esports industry, which is already popular among hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.

It is worth noting here that in the middle of July 2013 the US government recognized LoL as a full-fledged sport. It is thanks to the efforts of Riot Games in this field that players going to  LoL tournaments to the USA can receive the same visas as professional athletes in “classic” sports.

League of Legends rules: guide

In the most commonly used (classic) game mode, two teams of five face each other and fight, which first will destroy the enemy base of the so-called Nexus. On the way to the opposite corner of the map you may come across opposing team characters, Defensive towers, Minions (computer controlled characters) and Inhibitors (enemy buildings). In exchange for victory in duels with them they get experience points and gold, which they can use to improve their hero (champion) by buying various items in the base.

Heroes and class types

We implement actions in the game using the selected hero. The list of heroes is extremely long (it has 138 characters) and varied, each of them representing a different set of traits and skills in categories such as attack, defense, spells or difficulty. They are also divided into classes depending on the style of play. 

They may include:

Defenders: their purpose is to protect and receive attacks,

Warriors: melee heroes responsible for attacks,

Conquerors: quickly eliminate targets with direct combat skills,

Mages: they use spells that weaken enemies,

Wizards: they are responsible for creating the game and protecting allies,

Marksmen: they inflict wounds from a long distance, although they are considered delicate.

As each of the champions has their unique features, it is extremely crucial to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to this, you can know when and against whom to choose a hero. Often, the best players specialize in a narrow number of heroes.

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