Renault Kwid 2018 Top Features

Renault recently launched the latest model of Kwid which is priced between ranges of 2.62 lakhs to 4.59 lakhs. The older version of the car was criticized for lack of safety measures in the rear of the car. With the new model of the Kwid, Renault has addressed this issue and some new safety features have been included in the new Kwid such as seatbelts in the rear seats and emergency lock retractors. The Renault has been introduced almost three years ago but only a few features were introduced in the past few years. Renault in 2018 has introduced a variety of new features but fortunately, the Renault Kwid price has not varied very much. And the new Kwid offers a complete value for money.

Features of the new Renault Kwid

Along with including new safety features, various other features have been included which are as follows:

  • A new safety feature has been introduced which can minimize the actions and movements of a person in case of an accident. Despite the introduction of various safety measures, it is still not considered as completely safe for passengers in case of an accident.
  • The Kwid climber has been introduced with a camera on the rear of the car which is connected to the already available touch-screen system.
  • The armrest has been added to the rear of the new variant of the Kwid for the passengers.
  • Renault also introduced 12V power sockets in the second row of two versions of the car.
  • Renault has launched the new Kwid with well-designed exteriors to enhance the appearance of the car.
  • Some of the basic key features have been introduced to all variants of the Kwid but you can have extra features by paying some extra money.
  • The new variants will also get central locking system and standard power windows.
  • Renault in 2018 has not added many technical or mechanical upgrades to the Kwid cars. It was done to keep the Renault Kwid price in the same range.

Renault has mainly worked on improving the safety features for passengers in the car. While Renault introduced ELR seatbelts in the rear of the car, certain variants of the Kwid still lack the front bags in the front of the car. This along with ABS is considered a standard safety measure for the passengers and both of these are missing in the car without considering the price of the car. It is very difficult to recommend a particular model to customers. No model of the new Kwid is completely better. Each model has some features which are unique for that particular model but it might not be considered important in some other model. Renault introduced safety measures for some models while enhancing the outer appearance and increasing the space within the car for some models of the Kwid. Though irrespective of features have been introduced to the car, the new variants of the Kwid are quite functional than other cars available in the same range.

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