Rediscover Your Happiness with a Vagina Revitalization Procedure

Aging can have a significant impact on the health of the vagina. Hormonal imbalances also play a crucial role in the fairness of the vaginal tissue. That is why, as you age and give birth, you require a partner who will check and help in maintaining a healthy vagina. Thus, vaginal revitalization in Forest Hills offers you these services and more. With a team of experienced people, you will appreciate the health of your vagina.

Why should you go for vaginal revitalization?

Yakov Levy MD PC offers less invasive vagina restoration services, less painful, and helps maintain tissues in the vaginal area. Lasers and other modern treatments in the hospital help restore some functionality and looks of your vagina. Treatments mostly focus on including the FemiLift laser, which has shown results over the years.

Your doctor uses special tools to produce lasers that go directly into mending vaginal tissues. The energy stimulates the production of special proteins that tighten the vagina to accomplish your desired goals. Days after the treatment, you will discover strength and elasticity that confirms the efficacy of the treatment. Adding to the tightening of tissues around your vagina, you will also note an improvement in tissue vascularization with additional moisture in the tissues around the vagina.

Who can benefit from vaginal revitalization?

Vaginal treatment can help any woman with her vaginal fears. FemiLift laser, the treatment offered by Yakov Levy MD PC, can provide the needed tightness any aged woman desires. You can benefit from the treatment when you have the following issues:

  •       Vaginal laxity
  •       Stress urinary incontinence
  •       Vaginal dryness
  •       Sexual discomfort

Menopause often poses a challenge to many women, as it is at this point that estrogen levels fall. A lack of estrogen in your reproductive organs leads to dryness that affects your sexual life. Additionally, your vagina undergoes a lot of pressure when giving birth, making it lose its elasticity affecting your future sexual life.

A wide range of treatments exist to help you enjoy romantic moments; one such treatment is Emsella® offered by Yakov Levy MD PC. Your doctor will use the treatment to increase the strength of vaginal muscles. You will also notice an improvement in your urinary patterns after a session with Emsella.

What to expect during a vaginal revitalization process

Yakov Levy MD PC offers in-office vaginal treatment for privacy purposes. The session begins with an insertion of a tool into the vagina to compel the stimulation of proteins. The procedure is bearable with little discomforts that last for a few minutes. Additionally, it is fast healing with only an improvement to your vagina as a reward. Improvements and changes come soon after you have left the treatment center.

How many vaginal revitalization treatments does a person need?

Your doctor will assess you to determine the number of treatments needed. However, on average, most women achieve results with about 3-4 treatments.

Revitalize your sexual life today with an additional spark from Yakov Levy MD PC. The center also helps you eliminate the pressure of childbirth on your vagina. Get treatment by making an appointment online or call the center. 

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