Recovery from Breast Lift Surgery with Implants

If you have recently undergone breast lift in East Windsor, here are tips to help in your recovery.

Post-operative recovery  

Soon after your breast lift surgery is over and the effects of the anesthesia have faded away, your doctor will request you be moved to a recovery area. Here, your progress will be keenly monitored and you can expect to go home after you have sufficiently recovered.

The incision site will feel painful and sore for a few days to a week after surgery. Your doctor will prescribe some pain relief medication to help make your recovery comfortable. Your breast will also appear swollen and show signs of bruising in the first 1-2 weeks after treatment, though this will gradually fade off.

Your doctor recommends doing short walks and engaging in light activities 2-3 days after surgery to improve blood circulation in the surgery sites. However, avoid vigorous activities and sleeping on your stomach, since this can cause bleeding.

You can resume your normal activities after 10-14 days, provided you do not do heavy work. After six weeks, your doctor will permit you to resume exercising. Consult your physician before hitting the gym for advice on the range of exercises to achieve the best results.


Your surgeon asserts that it is normal for your breasts to have a shape that looks unnatural in the initial days. This should not worry you, and you can expect to get full results within 3-6 months after the swelling has disappeared. Your breast tissue will gradually firm up and attain a natural, fuller look that you have always wished to have.  

Guidelines for aftercare  

Your doctor recommends sleeping on pillows to help increase blood flow to the surgery area to reduce swelling. You will also have to get used to sleeping on your back in the initial weeks following your treatment. After the bandages on the surgery site have been removed, your doctor will need you to wear a surgical bra to help your breasts maintain their new shape. Remember that the gel is yet to harden, which raises the risk of losing shape. This should be worn at all times, save for when taking a shower. 

You are advised to keep the incision areas dry when bathing during the first three days after surgery. Your doctor will share tips on how to achieve this before releasing you from the hospital. Your scar should be shielded away from sunlight in the first 12 weeks after surgery. Your nipples may be sensitive to touch and numb for a while, but this will gradually go away without requiring any intervention.   

Consult your doctor to learn how breast implants can help you achieve the full-breasted look you have always wished to have.

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