Rain tires depending on the type of vehicle: know how to choose

Choosing the right new rain tires depends on the type of vehicle you have. Also consider this aspect when you go to buy the wheels. In the case of sports driving, you will need rain tires that respond adequately to the greatest number of situations and conditions that may occur on the trip you are going to make. You will need wheels whose performance is optimal on both wet and dry roads. We need a lot of grip for straight and curvy roads. The steering precision must be excellent. Knowing how to choose rain tires for off-road cars is easier. This type of all terrain rain tire generally has a more aggressive tread pattern to add off road traction.

Surely with all these guidelines you have no doubts about how to choose rain tires. Although remember that you can always visit this website. If you want to have various information related to rain tyres, quality, manufacturers, price and features, never forget to read the “best tires for rain driving in 2020”. It will help you to acquire the perfect tire in your budget.

What so different in rain tires?

Tires face different weather conditions, such as rain, frost and heat. All this is something that also affects driving, so you have to take it into account to know how to choose tires. It is true that rain tires are the ones you use in season. If you don’t want to change tires in every season, you must choose the tire, which is primarily made to handle unforseen events during rain driving (providing perfect traction control), as well as assists your driving throughout the year. We must exclude winter, because we assure you that if you do not change them, the driving experience will not be good. Rain tires are practically made to give optimal driving experience in the urban roads, highways and muddy roads.

Rain tires provide excellent grip on wet surfaces, so they hold up well to a spring rain or summer storm. However, because the rubber they are made from is a very soft material, when the temperature drops below zero degrees they do not respond well to grip. Rain tires are good for those harsh weather conditions that seasonal wheels cannot handle. They are made of a special rubber. Keep in mind that the braking distance on a wet road is three times greater than on a dry road. This is why it is very important to regularly check the tread depth of the rim on rain tires.

How to know the equivalence of the tires?

Don’t worry, determining tire equivalency is easy. You just have to look at the information that appears written on the side of the wheels of your car and compare it with the new ones that you are going to put. The result between the old and the new must show a difference between 3% and -3% . So we know that the choice of tires is equivalent. You can also use the different tables to calculate the result.

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