Pregnancy Care for You from the Experts

When a woman is pregnant, she goes through many changes both in the body and in emotions. Whether it is a first-time pregnancy or a fifth, Dr. Albert Scott recommends specialized care for each of them to help decrease risks during the gestation period and increase the chances of a safe and healthy delivery.

Besides basic pregnancy care such as eating well, taking supplements, hygiene care, regular exercise, and cutting down on alcohol, Dekalb Women’s Specialists provide mothers with prenatal support that makes the journey of motherhood to be an extraordinary experience. Their care involves screenings, and above all, education and guidance. The team at Dekalb Women’s Specialists walks with you through the pregnancy period, delivery, and beyond. If you have plans for a new pregnancy or have already conceived, consult DeKalb Women’s Specialists and get preconception counseling that will help get your body in the best shape possible to have a baby. After conception, this team ensures the fetus is developing in a healthy way and that both you and the baby are in good condition. They help you develop your birth plan and are there for you in case of any complications such as premature labor. They are skilled in performing both vaginal and cesarean deliveries in case they are necessary.

To help you walk the pregnancy journey smoothly, they introduce every expectant mother to:

Prenatal Care

This is a wide range of services all tailored to pregnancy to ensure mother-baby health during the nine months of gestation period. Prenatal visits are usually scheduled once per month for the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, every two weeks for weeks 28-36, and it’s recommended to visit once a week from week 36 until delivery, especially if one has developed a complication. This enables one to get prenatal care, which includes:                                                                                                                                                      

          Regular checkups

          Nutrition support

          Screening test for mom and baby

          Treatment for common pregnancy ailment

          Support for pregnancy problems and complications

          Labor and delivery counseling and support

Suppose you are at a higher risk of complications; your prenatal care may vary depending on the particular pregnancy. Some of the reasons that could put your pregnancy at risk are:

          Maternal age over 34 or below 18.

          Multiple fetuses

          Maternal health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or lupus.

          Gestational diabetes or preeclampsia develops during pregnancy.

          Health problems involving the baby.

DeKalb Women’s Specialists are skilled, well-trained paramedics. They give you gynecological and obstetrical care so that you do not need to worry about the risk since they are experienced in handling them. They may recommend additional tests and screenings as well as more frequent visits if your pregnancy is deemed high risk.

Being a parent is beautiful, and your health and the fetus’s are the gateways to enabling you to have the family you have always wanted.

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