Playing at Red Dogs House Casino

When starting out playing at any online casino, you always have a bunch of questions that you want to be answered. We understand what it’s like to start so we decided to create a small article to explain to our best ability the ways you can play at Red Dog online casino.

Let’s start with registration. Once you sign up, the next step should be claiming as many Red Dog bonuses as possible. With these active bonuses, nearly all games are at your disposal. The only games that cannot be played on with your bonus account and live dealer games and the progressive jackpot games. Nevertheless, you can play for free as there are lots of demo versions of games available. You do not even need to login to do so. It’s the perfect way to practice before depositing anything. 

Some are often worried about which devices are supported by the online casino. Happy to report that you can enjoy Red Dog casino games from any device: be it a Mac or Windows computer, iOS or Android phone. While all the games will work perfectly fine through any browser, for the best speed and graphics, it is recommended that you use Google Chrome. As you switch among devices you may feel like your data is just flowing around mid-air. This is not so as the site’s SSL encryption protocol protects all your data and keeps it locked up.

Playing from your phones deserves a bit more attention from us since the company has taken the extra step to make two options available. There is a Red Dog Casino download that you can start to get it directly on your phone as a separate application. Some prefer it this way. Yet others may not like the extra space it requires and prefer to play from a mobile browser. This is also available as an option. So, if you are team-download or not, there is an option favourable to both types of people out there. This type of personification is just another way that Red Dog Casino puts customers first. 



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