Nigeria- The Land of Pop Music

Nigeria, for a lot of reasons, is the African country giving most number of music hits in the continent.

Nigerians produce their own music based on their cultural differences, which due to the presence of a huge number of tribes, around five hundred, living there, is quite vast. They have been really successful in getting their type of music work not just in Africa but in other continents as well. They are responsible for developing new music that mixes with hip hop style of dance. They easily import the music styles from outside, which is responsible for bringing more variety to their own music.

Nigerians used foreign music, especially the American, and mixed it with their own to form a new style which they called Afropop. This music of their own started taking the place of complete foreign music in the clubs, parties and radio stations of Nigeria.

So, let’s have a look at two of the famous Nigerian songs: one, download song mary jane by vector or Vector the Viper, as he is called, released the song Mary Jane, that successfully found its place in the people’s hearts and became a smashing number to be played during parties and in clubs as well as to be danced upon. The song is a rap song.

Another hit is the song titled, p square Temptation instrumental, given by twin brothers, called P-Square (Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye). This one is also a hip hop kind of rap song like the Mary Jane.

A few other hits of the album State of Surprise, of which Mary Jane is a part, include The Truth, Sha Ma Wa Lo, Get Down, Mary Jane Skit, Kilode, I Luv You Nigeria, Di Mi Mu and many others. A few hits, part of the album Get Squared, are Temptation, Story, Bizzy Body, Oga Plice, Get Squared, Omoge Mi, etc..

Download the songs and enjoy the original Nigerian music.

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