Muggles stay away from this

As a Harry Potter fan, you definitely know what a muggle is and who they are. And if you do not know what and who is Michael is. It is a clear sign that you should start reading Harry Potter books and watch the movie series. Because unless or until you are able to identify yourself as a witch or wizard. You are a model, and models are not supposed to take this quiz that we are going to talk about. And with that, we would like to introduce you to our new Harry Potter quiz on our website.

On your website, you would have obviously taken so many other different Harry Potter quizzes. You must have found them under the category of movies and TV shows and books. And even from the category of personalities and celebrities. Harry Potter is one versatile topic to take a quiz on. And of course, we have the ultimate “ which harry potter house are you in” quiz for you to take. And if you have not taken the Harry Potter sorting house quiz yet. Then we strongly recommend that you take that quiz as a Potter fan. Now moving on with the current article. There are some important rules to follow to take this quiz.

Important things to keep in mind

The course that you are going to talk about is supposed to be taken by Harry Potter fans only. Suppose you are an ordinary human taking this quiz. Then we are afraid that you might not be able to understand this quiz. So, we encourage you to take other quizzes that are mentioned on our website. They are as good as this one is. And if you want to take this quiz. Then we recommend you have sufficient information about the harry potter series (both book and movies). Otherwise, you are always welcomed to try out all the different quizzes that we have on our website for you.

Am I muggle or a true wizard?

From this quiz, you will be able to determine whether or not you are a muggle or a witch or a wizard. And we are going to inform you are very heartbreaking news. If you are not a witch or wizard, then you will not be able to pass this quiz at all because this quiz is restricted only four Wizards and witches only. And also, to keep in mind that this quiz is apart series. Basically, we have a part one and Part 2 for this quiz. So, make sure that you check out both of these quizzes and have fun at the same time.

About this quiz, it is really important to have in-depth knowledge about the Harry Potter franchise because we cannot guarantee whether you are going to be questioned by the books or the movies only. Well, mostly books. Because we all know for a fact that we have more information given in the books than in the movies, of course.

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