Millennials Are Spending Loads On Weddings

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It’s a no-brainer that having a wedding is an expensive feat, especially when millennials are involved. If you’re a foodie with a heart of gold, and have been dreaming about your wedding since you were a young child, then you are well-aware of the details of your wedding. In fact, with or without Taragh Bracken’s advice, you’ve probably planned every portion of your wedding already in the back of your head.


Millennials Have Already Planned It Out

You already know that you want to hire a luxury wedding planner, like Maddy K Atelier, and that your special moment will be an enchanted forest theme. You’ll have your wedding guests travel about one hour north, where they will be greeted by a charming farmhouse turned venue, with dangling lights from the trees and candles guiding them on the pathway. It will be an entirely exciting experience on its own. From finding your seat and discovering the wine and cheese hour with an exclusive seafood platter containing oysters from different regions around Canada. You are in heaven already as you hear the lucid sound of a violinist and pianist in the background as you chatter with new and old friends.


Bracken Says Wedding Spending Is Off The Roof

On the tree next to the dining place and reception hall contains a strand of Polaroid photos from the couple’s life together. Friends, family and the couple on adventurous trips around the world are seen holding hands, laughing and tasting strange foods. These marriages cost a heap of money, says Bracken. Reports everywhere are showcasing that millennials are unafraid to spend on their special day, despite the cutback that they have shown on entertainment in their daily lives. They are spending on average two years’ worth of rent all on one blossoming day.


It’s A DIY Extravaganza

Since weddings are generally expensive, some millennials opt to cut down on the costs wherever possible by getting creative. They’ll take their glue guns out and their glitter (in certain occasions), as they gather around the goods and craft a few essential items that will allow their wedding to stand apart from the rest of the bunch. Wondering which items are easy to get around, even if you are not the most gifted in the creative suite? Wedding invites, place cards for the guests and wedding parties, and interesting signage have always been popular. Another way to celebrate your left-brain is by creating the favors on your own. You may want to implement items from your background, such as party favors with a Canadian flavor of maple syrup, or sweet wedding candies and cake pops to quench any midnight cravings.


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