Manage Your Joint Pain Using Joint Injections

Your body consists of hundreds of joints that facilitate the movement of the body parts. These joints can be injured, infected, and diseased, leading to a condition called joint pain. Joint pain may develop severely, causing discomforts that can hinder your ability to work. If you are suffering from joint pain, consider having joint injections. According to research, the best way of relieving joint pain is via steroid injection. Book an appointment with Oakhurst joint injections specialists since they are the best in treating and managing musculoskeletal conditions. Below are the best candidates for joint steroid injections.

Candidates for joint injection

According to specialists, an injection is an example of minimally invasive surgery, thus, your doctor should be keen before performing it. Every person suffering from joint pain can be a candidate for a steroid injection. However, before everything, your doctor will take you through an examination and diagnosis. During examination and diagnosis, your doctor will check the presence of diseases that can interfere with the injectable resulting in side effects. After examination, your doctor may confirm you as a candidate or not. If you have bleeding problems, pregnancy, or any infection, you cannot have a joint steroid injection. This is because the injection might increase your blood sugar leading to gestational diabetes in patients with pregnancy. High blood pressure can also rise in patients with glaucoma. Below are types of joints that work well with the steroid injection.

Types of joints that can be treated using steroid injections

Not all joints that suffer pain can be treated using injections. Other joints are small and can be treated using oral medication and therapy.  Those joints that need steroid injection include:

  • Ankle, knee, and foot joints. Ankle, knee, and foot joints can suffer from pain very severely. Oral medication can fail to relieve pain, thus calling for a steroid injection. The injection can keep off the pain for up to two months.
  • Facet joints found in the spine. Facet joints are found where two vertebral bones meet. During motion, nerves and tissues can be damaged, leading to lower back pain. To avoid early spinal surgery, you require a steroid injection to relieve pain. The spinal injection can relieve pain for two months and above. 
  • Elbow, shoulder, and hand joints. The shoulder joint can be affected by arthritis, damaging tissues, and muscles. Joints in the mentioned areas can cause hand weakness and pain when infected. The only way of managing the pain for a long time is through injection.
  • Hip joint. Once your hip joint develops pain, it becomes difficult to walk. Pain is also prevalent when the affected joint rubs each other during motion. Your doctor can advocate for surgery after diagnosis, but you can have a joint injection. The injection takes less than 5 minutes to administer.

According to specialists, a joint steroid injection is the best way of relieving severe joint pain. The injection is very effective, such that it can keep off the pain for more than two months. Kai Sports Medicine LLC center is the best you can visit for joint pain treatment.

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