Look No Further For a Comprehensive Clinic

The need to psychologically help the veterans as they transition from active service to civilian life birthed a clinic known as Genesis New Beginning. The idea resulted when the psychologists identified a gap that made so many war heroes kill themselves. The veteran services in Huntington Beach are free and crucial to saving people who have experienced war and destruction as they served in the military. Many veterans suffer from depression, drug abuse, and post-traumatic stress. The facility also has different medical professionals to give comprehensive care to the patients. The needs of the veterans are well taken care of in the facility.

The social workers employed in the facility help these war heroes to transition well into society. Additionally, the clinic runs a sanctuary where veterans can get help on how to adjust to the new environment. These services are free as gratitude to the men and women who gave their best years to protect their country. Additionally, former soldiers get help for substance abuse, anxiety, and traumatic brain injury through group counseling, conventional medicine, and individualized therapies. 

Furthermore, the center recognizes psychology’s critical role in solving various medical conditions such as eating disorders. Women are more prone to develop eating problems than men. Therefore, the facility identifies the different eating disorders and how to help people with problem behavior. Treatment for the disorder includes therapy scheduled three times a week. On top of therapy, the patient receives nutrition evaluations and follow up assessments. More so, the facility’s location near a hospital allows patients to receive better primary and emergency care. The clinic and the hospital’s relationship allows for referral of cases not adequately managed at the small facility. 

Additionally, the clinic affords patients with an outpatient detox program. People struggling with substance abuse find it hard to detach from the addiction. The clinic has a team of substance abuse specialists that help clients to detoxify successfully. Additionally, the experts deal with opioid and alcohol addiction. More so, the clinic seeks to bridge the gap in care designed for people of the LGBTIQ community. This group gets services from a team of compassionate medics who understand the hardship they experience well. Therefore, in the clinic, the LGBTIQ patients do not get discriminated against because it is designed to become their haven. They get services such as tests for sexually transmitted diseases, hormone replacement therapy, and urgent care. 

In conclusion, mental health is essential in people living full lives. Various psychological issues affect people, depending on what they have experienced in the past. Therefore, finding a clinic that takes care of soldiers who have fought in foreign countries is rare. The New Genesis clinic takes care of veterans by helping them overcome psychological problems. Additionally, people who are sexual minorities also get care and treatment from the facility. The facility does even more to help people come out from eating disorders and substance abuse. Psychological support offerings include individualized management, group therapy, and counseling.

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