Another unique feature of the Trademark Act is that it even has a rule for the protection of creative texts used in description of products of a company. A lettermark logo uses text in creative fonts and colours, useful in making unique design as its logo. Eg. The Coca Cola Mark. It consists of a single letter or a group of letters used in various combinations and typography. This typography is comprised of various letters considerably company’s initials. It is all about simplicity and protection which it grants to the owner, along with satisfaction for sure.

A mark is something which expresses a sound, a written message. The word lettermark is closely associated with Brandmark and Wordmark. These three are different concepts dealing with each point separately. A lettermark can become a registered mark in respect to its usage. The registered trademark symbol gives the notice that the word or symbol has been registered with the national trademark agencies.

The procedure of Online trademark registration in India:

  1. Online Trademark Application in India is filed via ‘TMA Form’, available on TM Registry’s site.
  2. The application charges are Rupees 6,200 onwards inclusive of the Government Fees.

The different types of letter marks:

  1. Abstract mark (the Pepsi logo)
  2. The Mascot logo (as in KFC)
  3. Combination Mark
  4. Emblem logo (as in case of Harvard University)

Each typography and its combination gives the brand a unique feature which plays a lot in attracting customers. There are monogram logos which have a similar pattern or initials of a business name. eg. IBM

Difference between watermark, lettermark and its uses:

A lettermark logo is considered businesses having a lengthy name. Initializing a business name into initials will help simplify your design and will even attract customers.

A wordmark is a good decision if you’re a new business and need to get your name famous, the name should be short enough.

Both lettermark and wordmark logos are easy to replicate and duplicate across marketing material and branding thus making them highly adaptable options for a new and a developing business.

Remember that you will have to be scrupulous and creative when creating a lettermark or a wordmark. Your business name in a font alone likely won’t be distinct enough to capture the nuance of your brand. So make sure that you hire an expert who can make your company stand out amongst the crowd. After all its creativity and originality that matters at the end.

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