Least known Causes of Red Eye and Its Treatment

Do people always remind you about how you have red eyes? Also known as bloodshot eyes, red eyes are caused by many factors, including underlying diseases or just by not having enough sleep. When it becomes uncomfortable and irritating, you should seek the services of a Frankfort optometrist by the name Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D.

Meet Dr. Rutkowski

Dr. Rutkowski is a board-certified optometrist located in Frankfort and Bourbonnais, Illinois. Most clients view Dr. Rutkowski as a kind and honest person that puts the health needs of the patient above anything else, making him the best bet if you want treatment for eye complications in the area.

Having undertaken his undergraduate degree in pre-medicine and biology at Augustana College and later on an optometric degree at Illinois College of optometry, Dr. Rutkowski became a specialist in optometry. He even went ahead to open his practice, Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D., and Associates. The clinic is based in Illinois, and it offers high-quality treatment for vision issues and eye care.

All You Need to Know about Red Eye

Red-eye refers to a condition where the sclera part of the eye appears bloodshot due to the dilation of blood vessels in the eye. The appearance of the red-eye may vary from a few red-pink lines running across the sclera to the entire eye looking red. At Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D., and Associates, they utilize advanced equipment to run diagnostics and advanced treatment options for red-eye.

9 Common Symptoms Associated with Red Eye

Red-eye may affect a single eye or both of them. Below are some of the symptoms indicating you have red eye;

  1. Burning
  2. Itching
  3. Dryness
  4. Irritation
  5. Blurry vision
  6. Watery eyes
  7. Pain
  8. Discharge
  9. Sensitivity to light

12 Little Known Causes of Red Eye

Red-eye is usually caused by environmental factors such as your lifestyle; however, it may also be caused by diseases such as glaucoma especially if it is chronic. Some of the causes of the red-eye include;

  1. Sleep deprivation
  2. Eye allergies
  3. Dry eyes
  4. Eye infections
  5. Conjunctivitis
  6. Computer vision syndrome
  7. Corneal scratches or abrasions
  8. Blepharitis (eyelid inflammation)
  9. Chronic chlorine exposure especially in swimming pools
  10.           Uveitis
  11.           Wearing old contact lenses
  12.           Wearing contact lenses for long hours in a day

Before performing treatment for red-eye, Dr. Rutkowski conducts an eye exam. He asks you questions about your lifestyle, medications you are taking, etc. By asking the questions, Dr. Rutkowski can isolate the cause of red-eye and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What to Expect When Treating Red Eye at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D., and Associates

If infections cause the red-eye, Dr. Rutkowski prescribes antibiotics in the form of eye drops for you. However, if your red-eye is caused by allergens, computer vision syndrome, smoking, etc., then you will be advised to make adjustments to your lifestyle to avoid exacerbating the condition.

The professional team at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates also offers lubricating eye drops, eye compresses, and encourages you to make changes to devices which require screen use to alleviate the symptoms of red-eye.

If you look forward to family-oriented and professional eye care, you need to visit Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D., and Associates in Frankfort and Bourbonnais, Illinois. Call Dr. Rutkowski or book online to get the best treatment for the red-eye in Illinois!

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