Learn more about Aesthetic Treatment

Your skin gives you more confidence by enhancing your natural beauty. Factors like genetics, age, the sun, and skin condition can affect the look of your skin. However, Santa Monica aesthetics has specialized aesthetics that will give you a solution to rejuvenate your skin using more advanced technology. You can learn the different types of aesthetic treatments during your appointment and what to expect after treatment.

What is Aesthetics?

Aesthetic is a medical procedure that uses non-surgical and minimally invasive methods in treating both men and women to achieve the result you want. The specialist will help you identify the best treatment depending on your skin type and the reaction to different products. After several treatments, you will get the results depending on the damage that is on your skin.

Types of Aesthetic Treatments

Some of the aesthetic treatments include:


Microdermabrasion is a procedure that works to remove lighter acne scars and age spots. The specialist uses a unique applicator that sprays tiny crystals on the skin to remove the dead skin. Your inner skin will start to rejuvenate immediately after the procedure though you need to protect the skin from direct sunlight. The treatment eliminates wrinkles on the skin, leaving you looking younger, and works well on all types of skin.


Photofacial treatment uses light therapy to treat spots, wrinkles, and unwanted hair. The laser can also be used when you have varicose veins to make blood vessels on the skin fade away. The lights do not damage the top skin, so you are likely to experience fewer side effects. Recovery should take less time because of the light damage to the skin.


Thermage treatment procedure improves and tightens the contours of the neck and face. The specialist uses a radiofrequency device with the tip being in contact with the skin. The radio waves from the device stimulate the development of new collagen by heating the deeper layers of the skin. Thermage is fit for all skin types, and the results are long-lasting. Your skin will look tighter and smoother after treatment.

Booster shots

Your specialist can recommend anti-aging booster shots, which contain minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. The booster shots will help improve wellness and health from the inside of your skin and improve your appearance. The treatment is perfect if you have dehydrated and dull-looking skin because the hyaluronic acid helps to hold water in the skin, and the skin will glow. After weeks of treatment, your skin will start to rejuvenate.

Knowing the Type of Aesthetic that is the right fit for you

Before choosing a type of aesthetic that fits your skin, you need to visit an aesthetic specialist who will diagnose your skin. He will then examine your skin type and previous medications, and the goals you want to achieve. Your specialist will then formulate a treatment plan considering your objectives, personal health preferences, and needs. The diagnosis is also essential in case of any allergies or side effects from the treatment.


Aesthetic treatment improves your self-esteem by ensuring that you achieve the goal that you want with your skin. However, before deciding on the type of aesthetic you want, you need to discuss it with your physician. In case of any reaction or side effects on the skin, you need to speak with your specialist immediately.

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