Is Technology Addiction Harmful for You?

‘Addiction’ to anything is not good. Whether it is about a drug or anything, if you get addicted to anything, it can ruin your life. But, today the present generation is much at risk of technological addiction than drug addiction. Is addiction to technology the worst thing? Yes, it can be if your life surrounds technology only and you forget your originality. How technology hampers your life? Let’s get an account of it.

Technology Can Make You Lazy

Indeed, you can’t avoid the boons of technology in this era. But, if your dependency becomes excessive, you will become inactive. For example, if you spend your entire day in front of the computer instead of moving out, it only makes you lazy and obese. So, not only technology makes you lazy, but it also hampers your physical health.

How Technology Disturbs Your Health?

Today, children prefer to play video games instead of running in the field or getting into some sports. Spending too much time with those joysticks can make their fingers numb. Also, the blue lights from the screen of a computer and mobile phones can snatch their sleep and also make them a night owl. Watching smartphones for a long time can cause neck pain, back pain, etc. at a quite early age. While spending much time in front of the TV, computer, or smartphone making them fat, they are also getting problems like high pressure, high cholesterol, etc. due to immobility.

Technology Makes You Unsocial

The modern generation finds it quite effective in concentrating more on social media ‘Likes’ and ‘comments’ than making friends in real life. They are so addicted to social media that they take virtual life more seriously than real life.

So, you need to remember that technology is a boon to the present era. But, it is up to you how you want to use it. Maintain a normal life with the utmost use of technology without any addiction.


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