Is cancer crowdfunding limited to only humans?

Cancer is a disease that is feared by all people. One of the things that is so scary about it is the uncertainty that comes with it. There is no one treatment of cancer and hence most of your treatment depends on which stage and where your cancer is located. Cancer treatment is expensive and many people cannot afford it. Some of these people take to crowdfunding where a lot of people donate small amounts of money to raise a large amount of money for treatment. However, it does us good to remember that human beings are not the only mammals who can get cancer. Dogs often get cancer and so do cats.

Medical fundraising to treat animals, particularly pets or rescued animals has become popular on social media. This is due to the lack of funds for animal care and also because of the increased popularity that pets enjoy on social media currently. Plenty of people raise money on social media for various reasons however cat and dog videos are extremely popular. In this situation, crowdfunding to take care of your animals will not be considered an outlandish thing anymore. In fact, it is quite normal.

Dogs and cats are both animals that tend to get cancer. Dogs get it more and cats get it less. However, when a cat does have cancer, it is likely to be far more aggressive than the cancers in dogs. Many towns and cities in India do not even have hospitals and health centers for animals. Humans place themselves in the centers of the universe and do not spare a thought for other beings which possess a right to live freely and without abuse and cruelty. However, human activities create pollution which affects animals horribly. This results in a lot of different diseases for animals. Crowdfunding websites India can help you with raising money for cancer treatment in animals. For this you would need to get in touch with other animal lovers and animal rights’ groups. Once you have your connections in place you can start crowdfunding India:

How crowdfunding works in India:

  1. You choose a crowdfunding website that suits your needs. You might want to choose one that is good for raising money for cancer treatment. Make sure that your selected website can provide you with a campaign manager.
  2. Write your fundraiser well. In your fundraiser, it is important that you raise concerns about animal health in India. You should also write about how and why it is not possible for you to fund the treatment of the animal alone. These are all things that people consider when it comes to crowdfunding in India.
  3. Publicize your post well on social media. Make sure that the people who do care about animals see the post. If you think your social media outreach is not wide enough, you can ask someone else who has a wider outreach to publicize your post.
  4. A still better way to raise money in an organized manner is to create a team. Ask your team to share your fundraiser with all the people that they know. They can share them on their walls, message them to their friends and write to people they know about it.
  5. Fundraising in India is not just a social media gimmick. You have to talk to people outside of these places too. Do not be shy of using the email. You can mail everyone you know about the planned treatment and how you need money for this.

Crowdfunding India is a great way of raising money for animals. It is a trend increasingly catching on. If you have raised money for your pet online, make sure that you regularly update all your contributors about the condition of the animal as you are accountable to them.

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