Interesting Facts About Osteoporosis

Did you know that women suffering from osteoporotic hip fractures occupy more hospital beds than those with stroke, diabetes, or heart-related conditions? Part of the reason to support this fact is that most people only view being healthy as making lifestyle changes to prevent conditions such as cancer and cardiac disease. However, ensuring that your bones are healthy to prevent the chances of getting osteoporosis should be on top of your wellness list. One way of doing that is by seeing a doctor that specializes in Boca Raton osteoporosis. But before you book your appointment with the team at MyDoc Women’s Health Specialists, here are some interesting facts about the condition that you should know.

Men are also at the risk of getting osteoporosis

Women are at a higher risk of getting osteoporosis, but that does not mean men are immune to it. According to most studies, 1 in 5 men will be affected by the condition. That also means they can suffer fractures and fatalities as a result of the condition. The worst part is men may not experience the symptoms early enough to motivate them to seek help. So, if you are a man and you suspect that you could be having this condition, see a specialist and start treatment right away.

Bone density loss is normal in aging

As you keep aging, your bones may lose mass and density. It is common for women to experience bone density loss due to changes in hormones after menopause. But for men, it is typical to experience a drop in physical activity.

Prevention is better than cure

While there is no cure for osteoporosis, preventive options can help reduce the risk of peak bone mass and density. Simple things like physical activities, healthy eating, and going for wellness routine visits can go a long way in preventing the risks of getting osteoporosis. Starting early preventive measures helps to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Gender, body size, and hereditary factors can increase your risk for osteoporosis

Changes can reduce osteoporosis in lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking, and taking healthy diets. However, there are uncontrollable risk factors such as obesity, gender, and family history of osteoporosis that may affect the bone mass and structure. Seeing a specialist is the only way of establishing whether you are safe or at risk for osteoporosis.

A good doctor can help you cope with osteoporosis

If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, then you should consider finding a good doctor who can help you cope with it. If the treatment plan involves taking specific medications, ensure you adhere to it. There are many options available and your doctor is the best person that can tell what is right for you.

Consult your doctor if you are at the risk of getting osteoporosis

After going through all the interesting facts about osteoporosis, it is essential to see a doctor to determine whether you are a perfect candidate for a good medical plan. To learn more about osteoporosis and its risk factors, see a bone specialist today.


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