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Let’s start by analyzing the first situation. In this case, there are essentially two dynamics that will allow us to make the decision for a bet. The first is the dynamics of change. If a The Dynamics of Change in Live Betting. The game is in an unstable result situation, where it is foreseeable that goals will be scored that will substantially change the situation of the scoreboard, it may be a good reason to settle a bet for the victory of the team that carries the weight of the game. 

Or, alternatively, if it has simply become a roadblock with possibilities for both of us, we can consider betting that the match will not end in a draw. The dynamics of the change can be profitable, therefore, with a strategy of value, where we assume that the probability that the party ends in the current situation is less than that implicit in the quota at the time of placing the bet.

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The second dynamic is the complementary dynamic, which we can call the stability dynamic. Obviously, it must be based on our conviction that the probability that the current result will be the end is greater than that reflected in the quotas, or at least that it will be maintained for a long time. To take advantage of this dynamic, the best option is sports trading. Basically, it is not a question of identifying a situation that will not change in a long time, and taking advantage of the fact that the quotas change in our favor as the minute’s progress. 

The Example for You

With an example, if we see a sbowin | www.sbowin game in which the situation of both teams is dedicated to midfielder, without goal opportunities, and we believe that it will last over time, we can bet on the tie and later on during the game, if it opens, close this position by trading or cover alternative results. The same applies in the event that a team is ahead on the scoreboard and we do not see any factor that leads us to think that the opponent may equalize or come back from the game.

  • As it has been observed, the consideration of both dynamics resides in subjective factors to be considered by the bettor. It goes without saying that this type of live betting without the support of a pre- match position is the most complex to analyze. 


For them, we can only use our intuition and knowledge of the game, and they demand tight control of our emotions, a cool head and an exceptional capacity for analysis. Therefore, they are not recommended for all those who are starting out in the world of betting, but only suitable for the most experienced and best connoisseurs of the game and of the teams on which we bet. And, of course, also from the world of betting itself, its markets and the idiosyncrasies of each sports betting house.


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