I love my bag! It feels great

My bag is an absolute beauty! Their page HermesSale.ee was sent to me by a friend a while back, when I needed to get a few new bags. I told my friend about my budget and she told me they had the right bags that I wanted and could fit in well with my budget; they did not disappoint. On getting the link from my friend, I hurriedly came to their website and tried to check out some of their reviews. I can say I was fully impressed because, there was not one negative review there about them so I decided to give it a try. I made an order for a birkin 35cm, but they did not have the colour at that time. They contacted me saying that my taupe bag was going to be ready in a short while. I was blown away! I mean, they did not know me before now, but they treated me with the utmost level of respect, I was in awe. After my bag was done, I requested for pre shipment photos and they actually sent them. I can fully say that any picture that is on their website is nothing short of what they would send to you. I don’t know if happiness is the right word but I am glad I made this order. It was shipped to me with ease and it smelt so nice and was neat. I was not worried about my money and they have made me want to purchase more hermes bags from them. Finally a vendor I can trust!

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