How You Can Best Improve your Smile

Proper oral health and teeth condition indicate overall wellness besides boosting self-confidence. However, with numerous teeth conditions, you should seek a professional for maintenance and proper care. If you seek effective Santa Clarita pediatric crowns, look no further than Skyline Smiles for viable solutions for both kids and adults.

Meet Dr. Harleen Grewal

Compassionately known by her patients as Dr. Harleen, Harleen Grewal, DDS, brings vast expertise and experience and outstanding leadership to her practice, Skyline Smile. In Santa Clarita, California, she leads an expert team comprising compassionate, dedicated team members.

Dr. Grewal attained her dental education (DDS) at the University of Southern California, receiving recognition on the dean’s list. At Lutheran Medical center in Holyoke, MA, the doctor completed her residency, receiving her specialty certificate in pediatric dentistry.

During her time in Los Angeles, Dr. Harleen was a volunteer at the USC Mobile Clinic in Los Angeles, where she helped in providing kids with free oral health services through the ADA Foundation, commonly known as Give Kids A Smile®. She is a proud fellow of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

At Skyline Smiles, she leads her staff in ensuring an exceptional experience during your consultation. She prides herself in her team, which comprises energetic individuals who are zealous about open communication with patients and the provision of the highest standards of care.

Available Services

Your team at Skyline Smiles regularly attends to patients in a cozy, friendly environment. Their range of quality services include:

  • Sedation Dentistry Specialist- Dental anxiety is a widespread complication in the states. With sedation dentistry, you will receive a secure and effective way of the treatment you need while reducing discomforts and stress. Contact Skyline Smiles for sedation dentistry for both adults and kids.
  • Pediatric Crowns Specialist- Approximately 17% of kids aged between 5 and 19 suffer from cavities. Pediatric crowns not only restore your child’s smile but also prevents additional damage while rehabilitating their biting and chewing abilities. Reach out to Dr. Harleen for pediatric crowns.
  • Braces Specialist- Many individuals resort to braces to correct crowded and crooked teeth or jaw misalignment. At the practice, board-certified pediatric dentist Harleen Grewal, DDS, leads her team in offering numerous kinds of braces to both adults and kids.
  • Pediatric Dentistry Specialist- It is imperative to desire to keep your kid’s gums and teeth healthy. To that end, you need routine checkups to detect impending conditions. Schedule a pediatric dentistry appointment with Skyline Smiles and ensure your kid’s beautiful smile.
  •  Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist- For Stained, missing, or crooked teeth, you should seek cosmetic dentistry to rejuvenate your smile. If you consider this therapy, Skyline Smiles in California regularly offer cosmetic dentistry solutions to all people.
  • Teeth Whitening Specialist- Teeth whitening is a secure and durable treatment that aims to brighten smiles. If you are discontented with your teeth’s appearance, contact Harleen Grewal, DDS, for an in-office teeth whitening using GLO Science® alongside take-home teeth whitening kits.

Oral health is a critical component to your overall good health. That said, it would be helpful to have a trusted provider in your corner whenever teeth complications arise. Contact Skyline Smiles experts for superior dental care for the whole family. Call today, or schedule a consultation online.

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