How to Throw the Best Backyard Bash

Everyone loves a good backyard bash, but not everyone knows the secret to putting on a flawless shindig. Throwing your own backyard party in the near future? Keep reading for tips and tricks to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

  1. Put Out Enough Seats
    One of the first rules of every good backyard bash is to provide enough seating. While people do enjoy standing and talking, it’s nice to rest one’s legs after a while. If you only have a few pieces of patio furniture, you should make plans for other seating options. Whether you bring chairs from inside the house outside or you rent chairs, make sure you have enough seats for everyone that might come to the gathering.
  2. Don’t Skimp on the Lighting
    If you’re planning a bash during the day, you likely won’t need any lighting if it’s fairly sunny outside. However, if there is the chance that your party will go later on into the night, you should have ample lighting on hand. Bring out the string lights, portable lamps, tiki torches, or anything that provides enough light for guests to be comfortable, as well as safe. Whatever option you choose, always make sure to install each lighting option in a way that prevents guests from tripping over any cords or burning themselves.
  3. Keep Tablecloths Down
    Backyard bashes mean creative decor, but be sure to plan for all weather conditions as you are decorating. If it might be windy on the day of your gathering, make sure to properly secure your tablecloths. You can keep the wind at bay by attaching pockets onto tablecloths that you will then fill with rocks to act as paper weights whenever the wind blows. Another solution is to use Velcro to keep the cloth attached securely to the table.
  4. Scare Bugs Away
    If you live in an area that is prone to mosquitoes, gnats, or other annoying insects, have a plan in place to keep them away. The last thing your guests will enjoy is swatting at these bugs throughout the event. Use citronella candles, bug spray, and other insect repellant alternatives to create a bug-free zone. Additionally, if you have a screened in area, try your best to ensure it is free of any holes before guests come over.
  5. Encourage Guests to Mingle
    In addition to all the decorations and prep, the makings of every good backyard bash start with a guaranteed way to break the ice. Get the drinks flowing, the music playing, and the conversation started. Guests should feel as if they can easily let loose and relax. As the party goes on, keep the energy going by having games guests can play or various topics they can discuss.

6.Keep Guests Hungry Enough for Dinner
There’s a time and a place for appetizers, just make sure your guests don’t fill up on them. Have appetizers available for guests up to a half hour before you plan to serve dinner. Keep tabs on portion size as well to ensure that your guests have enough food to whet their appetite, but not too much to ruin it before dinner.

Once you know the key to throwing a great party, all that is left to do is get started. As you prepare to throw your upcoming backyard bash, keep these six tips in mind.

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